Great news everybody! Los Chinches is releasing their debut album on April 1st, 2013. This is an album I know I have been waiting for for a very long time.

When I first encountered the music of Los Chinches I featured them here on Generation Bass. In a short period of time their music really caught on. With sounds echoing 70’s pyschedelic Peruvian Chicha, these guys are our modern connection along with a small few that keep this unique historical sound alive and well.

Well now they are releasing their debut album “Fongo.” A U.K. tour starts this month and runs through its entirety. The scheduled dates are as follows:

1 March – The Blind Tiger Club, Brighton
8 March – Nottingham Contemporary
9 March – Gwdihŵ, Cardiff
15 March – The Fiddlers, Bristol
16 March – Mount Pleasant Ecological Park, Porthtowan, Cornwall 
11 May – Rich Mix, London
25 May – Mello Mello, Liverpool
26 May – The HiFi Club, Leeds

(More dates to be announced)

Based out of London, England, Los Chinches brings an invigorating and playful sound to the local venues harking back to the energetic days of Chicha in Peru (where it is still alive and well mind you). One might think one is listening to an old band with great recording quality. This is not the case however along with the fact that half of the band is European. With three from England, one from France and the other half consisting of four percussionists, three Peruvian and one Colombian. This mix may sound odd however the music is anything but.

Chinches_byYev Kazzanik

After forming in 2009, Los Chinches has mad quite an impact on the Northern European scene. And now this finally a debut album where we can posses the unique flavor of Los Chinches on our own.

The tracks on the album stay true to the sound that brought them so much attention, including my own. The tracks flowing perfectly well together showcase the band’s obvious love and respect for Peruvian Chicha. Tastefully done, if not for the high fidelity recordings, I could easily be fooled into thinking this was an old band. Well the high fidelity sound and the lyrics.

Released through Movimientos Records, “Fongo” is sure to be a hit and will put Los Chinches on the radar of those who are new the band, and will stay on their radar for quite some time.


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