Ace new Radioshow from Marflix focusing on Carnival music from Dominica and here’s what he says about it:

Yes, I missed my airtime (first Tue) for Riddims Tropicale in February – I was packing stuff that day for my trip to the Caribbean. This year I decided to spend my Carnival in Dominica, the beautiful rain forest island between Guadeloupe and Martinique.

While most English speaking islands in the Caribbean stick to Soca as their main Carnival music, Dominica is going its own way with the heavy percussive Bouyon sound. Bouyon is derived from Soca, but breathing many local elements like Jing-Ping and Lapo kabwit drumming, Cadence and other music from the region. Also rap music has a strong influence on Bouyon, esp with newer so called Reketeng sound and Bouyon Gwada (a Guadeloupan adaption of Bouyon).

This is probably the first Riddims Tropicale with focus on music mainly played by bands and for many listeners Bouyon might come a little raw. Give it a try and dive into the world of hard iron riddims and pitched down banjo sounds by WCK, Triple Kay, DJ Flip, Fantastik Band, Koalision Band, Asa Banton, Hunter, Kross Vybez and others.

Let me know in the comments or on facebook how you liked the show.

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