Another great selection of Bangin’ Commercial House tracks with a Latin and Afro tinge, always guaranteed to rock a dancefloor.  Always worthwhile having in your record bag cause if you ever need to pull em’ out, in an emergency, they’ll work.

Volume 2 of his series and he says:

This month I went Big Brazil and featured a lot of Portuguese influenced sounds, but stuck with the original Latin flavor that Desperado is all about!

1) Big Brazil 3.0 (Radio Edit) Stiekz-O-Matic & Afro Bro’s
3) Dirty Secretz – Cuba (Original Mix)
4) Quem Manda (Original Mix) The Donkers
5) Shazalakazoo & Chernobyl Ft. Suppa Fla – Zica Memo Gregor Salto Remix
6) Tribal Jazz – Jay Mocio
7) Fofo – Massivedrum
8) Jinga (Radio Edit) [feat. Celeste K] – Dj Tape
9) Rumba Portuguesa (Dr.Bellido & Roger G Remix) – Intensa Musica
10) Tamboura – Mirwais & David Gravell
11) Maria Lionza (Massivedrum Remix) Praia Del Sol
12) Samba (Rio Anthem) [Radio Edit] – Franklin Rodriques
13) Groupie (Nick & Danny Chatelain Remix) – Bob Sinclar
14) Guataquí – Orti de Gossa & Dani Ferna
15) Mangao 2000 (Mourik H 2013 Bootleg)

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