When u got peeps like DJ Spinn and Rashad on a Compilation, what more is there to say, you need to git it:

“Once a raw, fringe movement of the Chicago underground, the jittery beats and thundering bass lines of Juke and Footwork have
begun to find a home in Austin, Texas. In early 2012 local DJs Nikes
and Lefty teamed up to create a bass music party at Barcelona ATX
(Austin’s bass music bastion), later joining forces with MoonDoctoR and Fresh till Def. 808K has become a staple of Austin’s underground nightlife, drawing local favorites like Ben Aqua and Supraman of the #Feelings crew, and even some of Juke’s godfather’s including DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and DJ Earl. One year since party’s birth, 808K V.1 was born: a compilation showcasing the diversity of the genre with tracks featuring some of the most forward-thinking producers and support from the original pioneers of the sound.”

FreshMoon (Founded by MoonDoctoR & Fresh till Def) is Proud to Present You it’s Very 1st Label Release “808K V.1”. A Compilation to Celebrate the Label, Crew and Very Best in Juke/Footwork Music Culture.  

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