Awesome idea and concept here from Wildlife to revisit the Punk/Reggae rebellion of the 70’s and electronically reinterpret it with some of the key people at the time also being involved in the new project.

Grab a freebie:

What’s it all about:

“Punk covers Reggae covers Punk – produced by Wildlife!”

“35 years ago, punk rock and reggae met at London’s legendary punk venue, The Roxy. Wildlife! revisits the kinship spawned from this brief but influential moment of music history, transferring it to his own era and sound for Roxy Reboot. He tracked down legendary figures from the UK’s first punk rock movement to reinterpret their favorite reggae classic, while simultaneously collaborating with the forefront of Jamaica’s dancehall avant-garde, to reinterpret influential punk classics and forgotten gems.”

“The alliance between punk and reggae was a genuine and a real one. Reggae was the music of rebellion and punk was the music of rebellion, so it was black and white working class culture showing some solidarity with each other.” – Linton Kwesi Johnson

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