Artwork : Eduardo J Caudillo

Coming soon for Free MP3 download for 1 week only & then reverting to an Official Release on Juno, Beatport and i-tunes etc!

Generation Bass presents: Javier Estrada “Moombass EP”!

The reign of Mexican producer Javier Estrada ain’t over boys… One of the steady forces in Global Bass in all its facets, and a true Generation Bass family member, Estrada is dropping another load of superb beats on us. Combining the thump of Moombahton with the steady pulse and bass power of bass line house, here’s a 4 track combination of modern dance music dubbed the Moombass Ep.

From the get-go, the opening cut “Down to The Floor”, with its wobbly bass and cut-up vocals means business. Dirty, sleazy dancing type business. Again you instantly notice the immaculate production of Estrada. One of the few guys that drops bombs every time he touches his gear. Pristine and clear sounding beats, armed with loads of tropical and cumbia-esque percussion. “My Own Sun” is propelled by a classic house bass line, nice warm pads and again a heavy dose of infectious percussion.

The joint after that though, with its incessant thump on the one, “Sunday Morning” is the money shot here. It feels more like a really really late Saturday Evening, but then again, maybe that’s what he meant. Pre-hispanico percussion and breaks, heavy duty synth work and a great breakdown. Pure awesomeness with a real global vibe! The EP’s closing track “Welcome To My Party” has a stripped down vibe, focusing on the rhythms completely. Its cut up vocals sound like a Mexican Daft Punk or something. The vibes at Estrada’s party are glowing and positive. Pure Moombah riddims here as well, with accents that make you want to shake your hump.

Solid and bangin’ EP from one of the most interesting producers out there right now.

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