Imagine if there had been an Apocalypse and Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground survived it and he decided to make an album to mourn the loss and to celebrate survival, then it might sound something like this.

I actually included a track from this artist on my Post Apocalypse series of mixtapes and also some more from the same label that released this. At the time I gave no thought to the band’s name “Lou Breed”. Then I started listening to this album today and thought, oh this sounds like Lou Reed and then BANG, it made sense!!! Lou Reed and Lou Breed..lol..

Somebody called Christian said the following about the album on their Bandcamp:

“…suggests the existence of some alternative time-warp soundtrack to Apocalypse Now”

I’m glad he did cause of course I always thought the band’s sound tied in with my imagery of a Post Apocalypse.  This is a great album and it is free, you need it for your SOUL.

In addition to some Lou Reed influences, you can also hear The Fleet Foxes, Neil Young, Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd and Brian Eno in these sound tapestries, just gorgeous stoner music!!

If you would like to support the artist feel free to purchase the liner notes, which includes an alternate vers. of a track and a b-side, to the right.

Released 26 February 2013
Collage/Vocals/Various Musics by Lou Breed
Keys by Woody Goss
Additional Guitar by Ethan Manilow
Additional Vocals by Woody Goss, Christine Hucal and Daniel Trudeau
artwork by Jiro Bevis

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