The  global bass scene in Bolivia has been heating up the past couple of years. With the efforts of KIEBRE the innovative sounds are being represented strongly and are blowing the Bolivian global bass scene up with much impact.

KIEBRE is a unique festival controlled by the massive collective known as Oi Mas Bass. Surely you have seen some releases from Oi Mas Bass in recent months. The digital art collective, Oi Mas Bass, has between 20 to 30 members of VJ’s, DJ’s, designers, producers and animators. The director is the well known DJ Quien.

During the 2012 KIEBRE, the featured artists were Free The Robots, Isaac Maya, Daleduro, Deltatron, Cesar H, Mari Ya, Tetzuo, VJ R3nder, Oktopus Creatura, and Insaint as the international lineup. Ninho, Oliver Sky, Beatification, Ale Cassis and Hanny Knaudt was the Bolivian lineup.

KIEBRE 2013 is coming soon and here is a small documentary explaining Oi Mas Bass and KIEBRE further.

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