I know in this day and age it’s really nothing strange anymore to walk into a party and see a girl behind the decks doing her thing.  Perhaps even classifying ladies in their own category is irrelevant and unfair. However as a music collector, DJ and writer one of my great joys in life is sorting and organizing songs, albums, musicians, etc.  Perhaps the first and most obvious distinction in humans is that of male and female, so pull up a chair, this week 3 mixes from the LADIES!

Jasmine Solano

First up is one from NYC based DJ and emcee Jasmine Solano.  This mix is really really dope, bopping along from Trap to Bounce to Tropical to bassed out RnB.  I really enjoyed this mix thoroughly and the first time I heard it I was on the road in Chile with my homie DJ Caso, we were fully vibing out to all the joints, and you can imagine our surprise when a song from his former Makiza bandmate Anita Tijoux comes on.  Serendipity!!!


The next mix here is from DC/MD based Teknacolorninja.  This dancefloor driven mix is a really fun and funky listen, jumping all over the place from Juke to Tropical House to 3ball to Trap.  Yeah, it’s a really eclectic selection but like a true master Teknacolorninja blends everything together really well to create a dope groovy vibe, check it!!


DJ Ripley

The last one here is from DJ Ripley.   This is a really fresh and interesting mix with lots of gems for the old school Junglists out there.  This mix is kinda like what would happen if Juke, Jungle and Dirty South Hip Hop had a little crazy dancefloor baby.  Since the first time I encountered Jungle/Drum&Bass music I always wondered how people are supposed to dance to it???  But having all this Drum&Bass blended with Juke and Hip Hop really puts it in a nice perspective, i found myself bopping my shoulders more then once throughout this mix.  Thanks Ripley, keep it up!!!

Shout out to all the female selectors doing their thing and showing us their perspective of dope dancefloor dynamics!

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