Damn totally forgot about this one.

Been sleeping on this one for a while, did a post saved as a draft and then forgot about it.

Real good melodic Glo-Fi Electronic Bass here from this young Russian producer and here’s what his label say:

Futuresounder is a upcoming young producer from Russia. His productions are resulting in a sound which is a exciting mixture between Pop, Glo-Fi and Future Bass. By that Futuresounder is exploring a wide range of electronic styles, he deliberately avoids classifications and his tunes maybe described best as multi-genre compositions. His album ,Changes’ on Subbass is reflecting contemporary musical evolutions and constantly exploring new terrain by crossing genre borders.

Futuresounders productions awake excitement towards his future releases. Full chords and fragile hi- hat-constructions do their own thing on this release. The sound of his 8 track album crawls down from the listeners brain to the spine and gets the hips to move. While the stake is set high on sound aesthetics he does not forget to set the groove right!

Spotted it on my dude Vince Millet’s FB page a few weeks back.

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