Awesome new compilation put together by my brother Celt Islam on his label Earth City Recordz. It’s the second volume in the series, we featured Volume 1 previously HERE.

The second volume draws in a batch of new names including the legendary Eat Static and previous participants too all showcasing a variety of Underground Bass Sounds from all around the world. From Dub, Sufi Dub, Dubstep, Breakbeat, DnB, Techno and Trance, it’s a Transnational multi-genre show.

It’s a belter of a release and the sheer diversity and richness of sounds found on it are hard to find in a lot of compilations nowadays.  The quality control is tight, no fillers, mostly killers!

We have an exclusive GB freebie to give away and it’s a track by the brilliant Celt Islam:

Hadra by Celt Islam {ELeCtro FaKir mix}

Grab the rest of the compilation here:

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