I’d like to start this Sexxy Saturday off with a little announcement of what I’ve been up to elsewhere on the interwebs. DJ Broken Record and I made a deal with a radio station out in the North Bay area of California. Bodega Bay to be exact, though more based in Santa Rosa. Starting this Friday the 15th of March we will begin our weekly radio show called “The Global Bass Experience.” This week I spent a lot of my time developing the radio show’s website and Facebook page. I really am grateful for all the friends and contacts I’ve made through Generation Bass and my own blog Nu Cumbia Experience. You showed me how much support I actually have. Finding this out gave me a lot of confidence to pursue a radio show and much more. In a way you all helped immensely in getting to the stage of me producing an FM radio show. That’s right, FM, not a podcast, nor a show mix show online, but an actually drive you car to work and turn it on, work out in the gym and tune in, radio show.

For those who haven’t seen the new site or the new Facebook page, I will gladly link them here for your consideration. I’ve decided, or perhaps it has been decided for me, to pursue a long career in this music writing, producing, journalizing nonsense I’ve grown to love over the years. Any help I can get will not only benefit me but also it will strongly benefit you. So give us a visit at The Global Bass Experience website and The Global Bass Experience Facebook page. Let the experience continue forever and ever as we dig deeper and learn more while coming together peacefully and creatively.

My cumbia duties stay strong and a great way to show this is with the sharing of this new album from the Personal Use boys in the Rio Grande. This is a complete ten track album full of beautiful cumbia reggae with hints of hip hop and dub.

Yep don’t wipe your eyes; you are seeing another DJ Neber track. I need a DJ Neber fix once a week and that’s not even enough. Here he is with his classic cumbia hip hop trademark sound but this time visiting Arabia.

El Timbe released this banger as a tease for his upcoming release on Caballito Netlabel. It is a cumbia filled moombah banger.

Our favorite homeboy Turbo Sonidero Futuristico appears back SSC here with his newest hip hop cumbia mashup masterpiece.

Dub and reggae aficionado Piper Street Sound, knows it all. When it comes to dub he is the historian. And because of his deep love for the dub recording sound he flatteringly mimics the style with his modern touch. Also he mixes in his love of cumbia and chicha. Here is a new one from Piper Street Sound, a cumbia reggae gorgeous version of his label Boom One Records’ artist B. Davis.

Caballito Netlabel appears here with their new release by Electroteca. Electroteca has appeared here in the past with his awesome electronica infused take on cumbia digital.

Jupa hasn’t been around SSC for a while. It’s wonderful to have him return with his new mixtape that goes deep with the innovative sounds from some great cumbia producers.

Cumbias Submarinas by Jupa on Mixcloud

Don Alex is a new name here on SSC. He has really made some interesting sounds with his edits of I Fink U Freaky and We Are Young. Also he touches on some Machete All Stars. Check these out.

Disco cumbia is a style I’ve been waiting for. I even thought about tackling it myself. But Philthy Dronez (no fan of Nobel Peace Winner President Obama apparently) beat me to it.

El Chunche Atomico takes us on an electronic psychedelic trip yet again with his a much needed cumbia trance.

Stereo Revuelta takes on the “master” lyricist Tonka truck backer upper Pitbull.

Did I make fun of Harlem Shake followers a couple of weeks ago? I believe I did. And now I can contradict myself by posting a cumbia Harlem Shake remix that is truly flippin excellent if I do say so myself (and I do say so, here I am saying so).

Bombombom has been out of my radar range for a little while. But now Bombombom returns with a mixtape full of tropical cumbia innovation.

Here is a nice original nu cumbia track produced by eliazzteca, “Cumbia Fuego.”

Last up is an awesome, beautiful, lovely and charming cumbia chicha reggae band Exonora Plosión. These guys have been making a large impact this week among all the cumbia and tropical bass groups on Facebook. This is their new wonderful album “Pororoca Dub.”

Check out the free download for Pororoca Dub.

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