I luv to support my own and this boy, or grown man, is from my neck of the woods, The Midlands in the UK and he is one of the UK Moombahtonista’s who is making a big summer splash in the scene. Hot on the heels of his EP release on Nada’s Diabluma Sound comes his next EP released on Sabo’s Sol Selecta’s label.

I feel this is a far more accomplished work than his last outing and it shows him taking on deeper sunnier and funkier vibes than his much darker last offering.

All 4 tracks should prime you up for an Ibiza or Miami Moombahton setting, sunsplashed and sunny, just like the Moombah Pool Party’s that took over back in 2011 that make a welcome return in 2013 with this EP:

Stream that Dream or Download the mini-mix:

PR Biznizz:

Sneak preview mini mix teaser of the next Sol*Selectas release (SOL 024) by Disgraceland, called the “28 Days EP”

SOL 024 – “28 Days EP” by Disgraceland released March 11th, 2013

1. Couldn’t Get Better
2. Only You
3. Funkshun
4. If You Stopped To Think

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/28-days-ep/id603843342?uo=4

Beatport.com: http://www.beatport.com/release/28-days-ep/1044584

JunoDownload: http://www.junodownload.com/products/disgraceland-28-days-ep/2142295-02/

Traxsource.com: http://www.traxsource.com/title/206802/28-days-ep

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/28-Days-EP/dp/B00BJEUUPG

After much critical acclaim from his Been Lean EP on Diabluma Sound records last year, Disgraceland is back with 4 new original tunes taking us deeper into the sonic waters of Moombahton. With emotional moody overtones, thick low end bass, and tasteful percussion through out each tune, these songs are perfect for both educated dance floors, and quiet nights by the fire, at the same time.

“Couldn’t Get Better” is a tribute to Disgraceland’s partner in crime, his lovely wife of 14 years, who “constantly puts up with my shi**, I couldn’t get a any better”. “Only You” is perhaps the deepest & darkest tune on the EP, a song of pain and suffering, about about a kind of unrequited love which, as it’s music, cannot be heard by the other person. “Funkshun” is a nod to early house music that influences so much of Disgraceland’s work, and combines upbeat passion, percussion, and power with some slightly sad and emotive feelings. “If You Stopped to Think” is more a slow deep house record than Moombahton, inspired by the opening scenes of Blade Runner, and late nights driving through London town by moonlight. Release date Sol*Selectas early March 2013, Mastering by Nick Chacona.

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