This RocKs So Damn Hard that I think I’m about to come!!!!

Tip of the hat to Khevin De Leon for introducing me to this wild, brilliant shit!!!

Can’t quite believe this has escaped my attention for so many years!!!


Uchpa is a Quechua-singing Peruvian punk rock & blues band. Freddy Ortiz formed the band in 1994.

Uchpa came to fame singing in the Quechua language. Formed in Ayacucho in 1991, initially playing cover versions of Nirvana in Quechua, and subsequently classic 1960s and 1970s rock. The initial line-up was almost entirely made up of musicians from Ayacucho, except for Fredy Ortiz and Igor Montoya (both from Andahuaylas). They included: Tampa, Koki, Mr Blues and Jaime Pacheco. However, the members went their own separate ways. Igor went travelling and Fredy moved to Lima, working as a policeman, taking the demos with him, and reforming the group in Lima, with the same name but different members.

Following two first albums, Uchpa released a third Qukman muskiy (A different breath, 2000), once again entirely in Quechua. This album made them much better known in the Peruvian capital.

“Chachaschay”, one of the group’s best known songs, is a typical Peruvian huayno from Chaccra, a locality situated between the borders of the Apurímac and Ayacucho; it is a huayno usually played with a harp and violin and sung by a woman. It is well-known as a classic among the people of Andahuaylas, Apurimac and Ayacucho, and very different from the urban huaynos (Ñachu Mamayki yachanña Chachaschay/Quri anillu Qusqayta Chachaschay/ñachu mamayki yachanña chachaschay/Quri anillu Qusqayta chachaschay/Yachachun yachachun chachaschay/Quri anillu Qusqayta chachaschay – First verse).

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