Yes, people have been raging about this sub-genre Zouk Bass, a new term that didn’t exist until that infamous Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room set.

Well, a lot of people have also been asking what the first few tracks are of that set and we have managed to locate the first track that kicks it all off.

It’s a track called Tarraxo na Parede 2012″ by Portugese born but London  based producer Deejay Kuimba.  It has been credited as a style known as “Tarraxinha“.  Doesn’t take a genius to find out more about it by doing a simple google or you tube search, we’re all Pretend Ethnmusicologists these days.  So do some further research yourselves cause I don’t have too much time to invest in that for you.

Listen to it here:

We think it isn’t too disimilar to Kubass and we did a whole host of posts on Kubass in our early days back in 2009 when we discovered the tracks emerging but they seemed to have tailed off.  Check HERE for one such post.

Tip of the hat to Magne Hoven for identifying the track and also for pointing out this piece on Dave Quam’s blog who cites yet another similar sounding sub-genre, Tarracho.

I also think it is similar to some DJ Terrivel stuff, which you can find on the second track of this mix I did back in 2009.  Again that sound was described as Kubass, a slower, screwed Kuduro.

Finally please share your discoveries people, don’t be selfish and keep them to yourself, we’ve been sharing our shit for years now but there’s too many selfish people around keeping things to themselves!!!

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