A Zouk Bass mix to better the Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room set, never I hear you say.

Well, ok listen to this, because BSS are pure amateurs compared to this dude and he is one of our very own too. The first Zouk Bass Luv mix in history and guess what you heard it here first as always, on Generation Bass, lol:

Here’s what this legend says:

Here you go, you get Zouk, bass and a bass all together with this mix.

I’ll answer your questions and remarks here before you comment. Yes I repeated a track in English shortly after the first one in French. I was and am aware of this.

And yes this is real Zouk Bass shit because it’s Zouk and as you can hear there is bass, and as you can see there is a bass, but what makes it really real is the bass (fish) – bass.

Drink some wine and enjoy the love.

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