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Dubkraft Records is one of my favorite “Uncategorizable Bass Music” labels. I’ve always enjoyed the deep, abstractly textured, bio-tech intelligence of their sound. They have consistently released flavorful Dubstep/Post Dubstep & Future Bass music for the entirety of their influence upon the history & future of the Bass Music scene. At the forefront is Alien Pimp, interchangeably the Dubkraft label boss as well as a crafty Artist/DJ & Intellect, himself. Dubkraft is no stranger to my own DJ sets and has had releases in my collection since the formative stages of my interest in Dubstep. Of which (below) is my new favorite…as the biggest Twilight Zone fan in the known universe, I’m critical about tunes that sample the show, this one meets my approval and then some 🙂


Photo30_30“Bass music, as I’ve been pushing it for the last 3-4 years, it’s not a genre, same way not collecting stamps is not a hobby. Bass music is all electronic music built on a fat layer of bass. It encompasses all genres and unites all music on a different criteria: ground-shaking, chest rattling bass is what we prefer. Not what we’re limited by. That’s exactly why the name is not more specific than this.”
~ Alien Pimp interview in Romanian music magazine ‘Boing Bum Chuk’.
Read the full interview here.

This post covers Part 1 of a 2 Part series, the next of which will be dropping circa 3 weeks from now. Enjoy this multimedia presentation via Dubkraft. Here’s what they have to say:

“After every three years of activity, DubKraft Records releases a sort of “state of the union” album, and the second one is a killer! A serial killer actually…

“DubKraft Records: 3 More Years – Part 1”, the first of the upcoming 2 CD’s, is for the bass music lovers that prefer low-mid tempos.  We can’t even imagine putting this music in words, but we can ensure you the experience is pretty adventurous, schizoid and smooth. Ah well…The compilation gathers well established names and daring newcomers from all over the world, in a tasteful proportion, and it’s all about “Bass, Spirit, Character”, as the label’s motto reads.  A few weeks after Part 1, we’ll drop another amazing collection of sounds, for those who love their beats at about 170 bpm. Stay tuned!

Massive thanks and appreciation to everyone that has contributed to label’s development! Karma works! ;)”


“DubKraft Records: The first 3 Years” (2010) album compilation still available in most quality digital shops out there.

Released by: DubKraft Records
Release/catalogue number: DKR045
Release date: Mar 11, 2013


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