There`s been a certain hype about Gypsy music in the music world in the past fifteen years or so, which is – more or less – still going on. Speaking of electronic music, you can find “Gypsy” parties everywhere in the Western world, with “Gypsy” deejays and EDM bands playing “Gypsy Electro” music. But the matter of fact is that none of those producers and deejays are actually of Gypsy descent, they`re just (predominantly) white people looking for exotic and energetic samples of Gypsy music, which they incorporate into their own. But we almost never see the opposite process – the Gypsies as EDM producers. That`s exactly why i was really delighted when i discovered those guys from my own city, Belgrade (Serbia)! They`re the BasSmusic Team consisting of three guys: Alen Antology, Acon Alijevic and Ami Brate. Their electronic bass style is truly awesome and original, you have never heard something like this, check this out:

Alen Antology Ft. Martin Ajdarevic – Zauvek volecu te by Alen Antology BasSmusic


Alen Antology – Boo Ghost by Alen Antology BasSmusic


Ami brate Ft Alen Antology – Foliranja Bez by Alen Antology BasSmusic



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