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This is the man who is fast becoming a LEGEND for inventing a sound that has become known as Zouk Bass.


Buraka Som Sistema did a dj set at the Boiler Room 7pm – 12am (GMT), Friday 15th February 2013 and MC Kalaf uttered those now near legendary words:

“We gonna introduce you to something new, we call it Zouk Bass, it’s brand new, brought to you by Buraka Som Sistema, let’s do this “

They opened up their set with the now infamous track “Tarraxo Na Parede” by DJ Kuimba and Dizona DZC Crew, people’s jaws just dropped and everybody wanted that sound, all the producers now want to emulate that sound, labels like ours want to release it and the people want it to dance to and it is Dance Music.

Download the 2012 version HERE

For a simplified explanation as to how Zouk Bass came to be known as such, go back to my post :


Now moving back to the main man himself, DJ Kuimba, we have done a brief interview with him to find out what he makes of all this new attention to his sound.

What does he think about his sound being branded as “Zouk Bass” and whether like Buraka and Generation Bass, does he also believe it is a brand new sound?

Let the interview commence:

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from and where are you presently based?

DJ Kuimba:
I’m From Portugal in a small city called “Setubal” not really far from Lisbon. My parents are from Cape Verde (just next to Senegal).

As you are now aware, since the Buraka Som Sistema’s Boiler Room session back in February 2013, your track, “Tarraxo Na Parede” is blowing up in the underground and inspiring a movement called “Zouk Bass”.

When did you become aware of this and how do you feel about so many underground producers now trying to copy your style?

DJ Kuimba:
I became aware of it when I saw that video of Buraka Som Sistema performing in Lisbon, I wasn’t expecting my track to be the first on the set and was really surprised to be honest.

I’ve heard a lot of tracks lately from djs and producers in this style. In my opinion, some are good and some need more work.

Zouk Bass for me it’s different than any other style but it is still based on “Tarraxinha” and “Kizomba” but totally different.

How did the idea for the track come about and who else was involved in the making of the track?

DJ Kuimba:
The idea came from a friend of mine “DJ Yudifox”; he is involved in it too. We had worked together on a few tracks before but then we decided to do something different from anything which is how “Tarraxo Na Parede” came about. The idea is a dance style of music but leaning against the wall while dancing to it as u can imagine listening to that beat lol

You have labelled the track in the style of “Tarraxinha”. Can you please tell us about this style and where it originates from?

DJ Kuimba:
Well “Tarraxinha” I don’t know who originally created it but as far as I know, Angolans always made it popular since I first heard  it years and years ago, it’s very popular especially in Europe wherever you hear Kizomba. It’s always possible to hear “Tarraxinha” too but that depends on the dj.

You have just given out the track as a free download, what other future plans do you have for it and will we hear more tracks like this from you?

DJ Kuimba:
The main reason why I released it for free is because on my soundcloud 90% of my tracks are free and it’s always has been like that. I like to share my music because wherever I go to play there’s always one person saying:

“Keep up the good work, I really liked the last track and I share it with my friends and they listen to it in cars, bars, clubs, phones etc…)”

So if I don’t release them for free how can djs, producers and promoters get to know what I do and where I come from?

What do you make of people labelling this style as “Zouk Bass”?

DJ Kuimba:
I like the name “Zouk Bass”.

I don’t know who named it but it’s definitely a new style and it’s everywhere apparently. I just would appreciate to hear more opinions, music, tracks and ideas based on Zouk Bass because if “Buraka Som Sistema” is on it, it means its worthy and it’s spreading all over.

Which other producers would you recommend checking out for this same style?

DJ Kuimba:
Well as I said before for this new style there’s not many examples yet but there’s a lot similar to it. Search for Tarraxinha especially because it’s the style more attached to it. I hope more will come after “Buraka Som Sistema” made that amazing set in Lisbon

Which producers have influenced you and what kind of music has influenced your production styles.

DJ Kuimba:

The ones influenced me all my life since I have started was my group of djs which is called DZC DEEJAYS from Setubal, where I was born, They are the reason why deejay Kuimba does what he’s doing and what he’s done so far.

We do almost every style of music, produce, mix and remixes.


Check them out too on Soundcloud:

Dj 2Pekes:


Dj Matabaya:


Mo Tello:


DJ Sacaninha:


If you guys like what I do it’s thanks to the 4 persons who I just named and the amazing support from our fans since 2002 all over Europe. We appreciate that a lot.

What are your plans for the future?

DJ Kuimba:
My plans are to make more people aware of my and our crew’s music, It’s a big battle but not impossible and we got all the weapons necessary. It’s just knowing how to use them.

I also want to thank everyone out there from all the countries. I have been receiving amazing support from all of you. I really appreciate that. For those who don’t know that’s the fuel I need for my engine to work hard 🙂

Special Thanks to DJ Umb who made this opportunity come alive, big up all of you!


Well we think you’ll agree that DJ Kuimba and his friends from the Dizona DZC Crew should always be credited with starting this new and exciting development in Tarraxinha now officially known as “Zouk Bass”.  We sincerely hope they reap all the commercial and other benefits of this in full and make the most of it.

We’d like to thank DJ Kuimba for his time for this interview and we’ll leave you with more of his music to check out.

“are you ready for this…..it’s brand new…we call it Zouk Bass……shake..shake…shake…”

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