3 quick ones this week, I am at SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas at the moment trying to absorb everything and rock out as much as my tired bones permit!  First up is one from the French DJ, producer and labelista BIG DOPE P!  If you are not familiar with Dope P he is an amazing producer, continuously pushing the boundaries of Juke, Jersey Club, Footwork and Tropical Bass with a distinctly fresh European, electronic edge.  This recent mix from him is really hood, mostly danceable stuff; Juke, Jersey, Trap, etc. but with a serious Hip-Hop influence.  I fully enjoyed this mix but be warned its GULLY, lots of very dirty raunchy lyrics.  Cover the kids ears and turn it UP!


The next mix this week is from the Swedish crew Panik Disco.  Aside from, in my opinion, a terrible title “We Make Tropical Bass Our Bitch”, this is a great mix.  One of the coolest things about this mix is the frequency with which they switch genres, from Tropical to Trap to Funky House, it really keeps the mix moving nicely and acoustically interesting.  Good job pojkar!!!


The last one this week I just came across today in my soundcloud feed.  It’s a live mix from the New York homie Nicodemus.  As a DJ myself it’s always interesting to hear someone’s live set and try to picture the party as it was happening.  I always wonder how much of one’s set would be determined beforehand and how much is coming from a DJ’s interaction with the crowd and vibe of the party itself.  This set is dope and takes some pretty interesting and unexpected turns, I would have loved to see how people reacted to it.  The first 25 minutes will be really interesting for you guys into global sounds, later on in the mix Nicodemus gets in to some really deep vibey house stuff, with a nice slaute to classic Disco-Soul at the end.  It’s a long one good for a trip.


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