Man, I can’t wait for this to drop.

2013 is restoring my faith in Transnational Bass, what with Tuki Bass, Zouk Bass, we got some awesome Japanese Bass coming out too. I have a feeling 2013 is gonna be a great year for these kinds of sounds.

DJ Armando – Nosotros Somos Una Familia Unida Y Humilde (intro)
El Mago – Brasileña
DJ Yet – You!
DJ Yirvin – Popo Sound (Original Mix)
Raptor House – Totalmente Nacional (interlude)
DJ Yirvin – Metelo Sacalo (Original Mix)
DJ Ronald – Body Bass (Bazzerk edit)
DJ Yirvin – Tec (Original Mix)
DJ Baba The Raptor – Intro Coro
DJ Baba – Bass This (Incognitus Mix)
DJ Yirvin – Tomalo Todo (Original Mix)
Wapero – Abstractor Radio CD ID5
Pocz – Mortal Kombat (DJ Yirvin Remix)
Jairomendezz – Mariwana
DJ Yirvin – Ragga Motion
DJ Yirvin – Ya Yahoo (Original Mix)
DJ Armando – Raptor Discplay (interlude)
DJ Yirvin – Metelo Sacalo (Kiev Remix)
Pocz & Pacheko – Zarbak VIP
M Peach – La Hora (DJ Yirvin Remix)

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