One of the great things about when new innovations like “Zouk Bass” come along is that they hold reference points to things that already exist and also provide re-newed interest in exploring some of those things again, or for some, for the first time.

So a lot of people are looking back into Kizomba, Semba and Tarraxinha right now since that DJ Kuimba track exploded on the scene or paying more attention to these kinds of styles. That can only ever be a good thing.

So DJ Znobia, who is no stranger to this blog as we’ve been blogging him since we started in 2009, couldn’t had better timing when he decided to drop this Kizomba mix today.

I can only imagine that he decided to drop some of his favourite Kizomba tracks and it’s a real relaxing vibe.

Check it out:

And as he himself says:

“Music Never Dies”!

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