Rebel Sonix are London based audio-visual bass merchants Larry Holcombe and Phil ‘G’ Guest. Larry Holcombe will be known to many fans of electronic music as the production brains behind breakbeat duo DEF inc (Botchit and Scarper, Fingerlickin) and motion graphics artist and film maker Phil G is the founder of Hong Kong digital media agency Atomic Sushi. Embracing different styles and tempos, they produce music aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Rebel Sonix tracks range from Moombahton, Trap to Dubstep, Dancehall and Drum and Bass. They also create and giveaway mashups designed to create dancefloor devastation! A mutual love of video and the relationship between sound and picture means that original tracks and remixes are always accompanied by a killer video and live performances are full on high octane audio visual assaults.

Rebel Sonix aren’t ones to rest on their laurels. Hot on the heels of their explosive new RUNNIN’ EP , the guys have followed it up with an unmissable Video Mixtape, which sees them transferring their astonishing A/V live set to your computer.

Don’t sleep, check it now!

Rebel Sonix Video Mixtape Vol 2 from Rebel Sonix on Vimeo.

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