Prince rocking out all Led Zeppelin “Ocean” stylee with his new all girl band “3rd Eye Girl”.  Sounds like the best band he has had since the great Revolution days.

I can’t wait for this to drop.

Here’s what Ok Player say:

Twenty-year old Minneapolis-based photographer Madison Dubé uploaded an “extremely short film” to her Vimeo page this afternoon consisting of Prince and his new all-girl (or is that all-grrl?) band, 3rd Eye Girl, rockin’ out at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios complex – rehearsing for his upcoming SXSW gig perhaps?  Given the title “Plectrum Electrum,” we don’t know for certain if that refers to the name of this funk-rock instrumental or something else.  What we do know is that we cherish any chance to see Prince show off his guitar chops (even if it means causing damage to a vintage ’61 Epiphone) and neither Prince nor this video disappoint!


Plectrum Electrum – 3rd Eye Girl from Madison Dube on Vimeo.

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