What do you get when Bristol and Trinidad Collide, well you get this!

This continues the Transnational Bass take-over that I said will be threatening the world in the coming years.

When Bristol and Trinidad Collide!!

JUS NOW are the meeting of two Riddim obsessives, Interface (Producer / DJ from Bristol, UK) and LAZAbeam (Percussionist / Producer from Trinidad).

This exciting new project aims to push boundaries using a fusion of traditional Caribbean rhythm and culture, combined with the sub heavy sound of the Bristol/UK Underground. Separated by 4,500 miles and brought together by a shared love of bass, rum and parties, JUS NOW have worked between both Trinidad and Bristol to create their debut ‘One Time EP’. The duo has managed to carve their own lane not bound by tempo or genre. This EP is just the beginning: a snap shot into world of JUS NOW.

A. Tun Up – Jus Now feat. Bunji Garlin

From the moment this tune starts you know something BIG is about to happen. The Shango cinematic intro wastes no time before it twists up inside itself to unleash a drop so mighty the gods of Olympus would feel it! The track feature’s the viking king of Soca, Bunji Garlin, who takes the levels of energy to a nex fever pitch. ‘Right now d whole place Tun up’

B. Jouvay – Jus Now feat. Neval Chatelal

Jouvay (Jouvert) is the Darker side of Trinidad Carnival. The inception of Jouvay coincided with the Canboulay riots where freed slaves burned cane fields in rebellion to their former slave masters. Nowadays people carry on the tradition by smearing paint, oil and mud on each other in a rowdy procession during the wee hours of the morning.

This is a hybrid that combines influences from Trinidad’s Indian and African roots with hard-hitting production to create a riddim fit for Jouvay morning.

C. One Time – Jus Now

One Time was the first track Interface and LAZAbeam created together. The unique fusion of Power Soca with UK Jungle set the tone for the project which was to become JUS NOW.

Steel pans + frantic percussion + deadly subs = DANCE FLOOR DESTRUCTION.

D. Cut Meh Loose – Jus Now feat MX Prime

In a straight up Ode the Road, JUS NOW’s collaboration with MX Prime (the artist formerly known as Maximus Dan) brings the infectious energy of Trini carnival to a 145bpm UK bass weight riddim. It’s a MADNESS!!

Tip of the hat to Anna <3




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