Really cool Mix/Podcast here of Electronic Arabic material.  Nothing innovative or new in these sounds and the vibe harks back to a bygone era in the early 2000’s but it is immensely enjoyable nevertheless.

Podcast :
Enta Omri (al-rafeeq mash) By Oum Kalsoum
Blank By Lurka
Drkshdw By Esta
In Dian We Trust By Ping-Fonk
Grup Ses Beats meets Salah Ragab in Spacetime By Grup Ses Beats
Mash By dubsahara
Mash By dubsahara
Syrian rue By dubsahara
The Lotus Eaters By dubsahara

This second podcast is of more up to date sounding material with dub influences and Transnational Dubstep:

mashcast Including:

Oum Kalsoum
Dub War – The Funky Deal
xeroots-prod – system must dub
D-Drop Operation
Makyo – skulls of the shogun
hideki-takimoto – mob-age
Ethnicalvibes – Basscharma
Tinoush Bahrami
Urban Dub
JahYu – Dub The System
Qahwa Beat

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