More Peruvian Trippy Dubstep that sounds like it came from a David Lynch movie!

This is great!

The artist says:

“The music is different to what society and this system taught us, for more than 500 years the society believe in music genres like to divide religions and political and country borders, social classes, etc..

This system doesnt want that you be one with the universe and make the divisions created for music genres to not understand because the only way to reach a another level of authentic cosmic union with the universe is right through the music, we must understand that the universe is calling us to meet together with the All , Native Temple is a portal to raise awareness and connect your mind with the stars and the cosmos feed what you call spirit , NATIVE TEMPLE is a secret Place to be able to commune with the All withought borderless .each sound of Native Temple is made from Healings frequencys.

Be free of this system gives a step unverso call us to liberate of this collective consciousness that represses us of a universe that we never imagined before a place that was created for us beings of the cosmos”.


  1. me – Link

    I do astro ethnic music with indigenous sounds and radio telescope receivers and synthesizers.
    I am coming t o Peru early next year and would like to meet you.
    Hope I hear from you. I could not open the video can you send an mp3 or a sound cloud link?

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