Been into Balkan Bass vibes for quite some time now as those close to me will know and so I’m so glad that this BOMB of a release dropped for free today.


Kaligola Disco Bazar is a seven piece Italo Balkan Beat Orkestar from Rome (Italy) andthey dreop a new album containing remixes from their previous ‘Kaligola EP’.

This new work includes remixes by international producers from the Balkan Beats scene, such as:

– Dj Stanbul [Fr]
– Økapi [It]
– Frohlocker [De]
– Solo Moderna [Nl]
– Café de Calaveras [Nl]
– Parlee-vu Gipsy? [Be]
– Lazarus Sound System [Be]
– Mondo Cane [It]

Kaligola Disco Bazar’s Italo Balkan flavour get manipulated with the aid of electronic beats, synthetizers and a good dose of creativty. What comes out is a wide range of sonorities, some more dancefloor oriented, others more refined and suitable for a mind-blowing experience.

The Band
It’s about gypsy melodies, reshaped italian folk, electronic music, hip hop beats and dub-reggae vibes all mashed together and fully shaken with high energy. What comes out is world beats with fine arrangements and frenzy attitude!!

Here you can watch a short video that introduces the band:

On July 2012 the orkestar published its first work, called ‘Kaligola EP’, which you can listen and still download it for free:

In just one year of musical activity they’ve gained much popularity on the web and through the Balkan Beats scene, bringing them to play live at ‘Balkan Beats London’ party and at Venice Carnival. Their next challenge is to bring the impressive live show around Europe and the mediterranean countries.

Here is their new REMIX ALBUM, grab it for free nowww:


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