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Needless to say perhaps but I unfortunately couldn’t make the deadline last weekend for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia due to feverish bout of influenza. Now I don’t get sick often but when I do apparently it hits me hard and fast. It also hinders my ability to look at a computer screen for more than five minutes without feeling like dying.

The thing that bothered me most was that I was preparing and promoting our first episode of The Global Bass Experience radio show for over a month and not the day before, not the day after, but the day of is when I fell as victim. Though I was sick I managed to monitor the show and must say that all went rather well.

Last week we also saw the rise of zouk bass everywhere. The expected battles commenced as people of influence jumped on the scene to tackle it as it emerged. I expect to see some zouk cumbia shortly and don’t doubt that I may be one of them.

For the sake of cumbia though here we are once again but this time on a Sexxy Tuesday Cumbia. Cumbia will always stay on the scene even if I’m the last guy who won’t shut up about it, I guarantee you that.

Starting things off is a new band from the Bay Area of California. The name is Los Leones. They are steadily creating a following as they play shows and record. Their sound is very old school, which is always welcome in my opinion. Here I have their first single, “Cumbia de los Siglos.”

There is JUST enough cumbia in this new track by Pita Wilona to allow me to share it here. It is a crazy experimental remix of “La Llamada,” with a kuduro-cumbia- dembow feel.

Here is a lovely and welcomed edit by my friend and one of our superior SSC artists 4:20 Music Flavor. It’s a fun edit of Of Montreal.

When Loko Bono and Panikoo team up it makes for a really awesome mixture of crazy and cool synth lines, vocal effects and over all dopeness.

Manuel Olvera drops some sick cumbia in his new banger “Hipersonic Cumbia.”

Los Destellos are legend in the chicha lover’s eyes. That means they are legendary to me. I upon occasion come across some cool remixes of Los Destellos tracks. I came across this one released by Gio Bittencourt recently and I feel it deserves much notice.

Qechuaboi is one of the wonderful cumbia digital maestros out there. I have featured his work here and other places on several occasions. Every time was with something excellent, this time is no exception.

The Pachangas Collective has had an exciting year so far. One of the leaders Orihuela M.S.S. drops this excellent mashup for us.

Arun y la Cumbia has been a kindred musical soul of mine with his style of nu cumbia. This one is a bit more rhythmic than I’m used to hearing from him. Though it keeps his unique flavor still.

Rumbatron Sonora put together this special twenty minute mix of Pa Changa’s EP’s. I think it came out rather well and perfect for showcasing what the collective can and do.

Los Reyes De Milanga with support from Cassette Blog released a brand new EP last week. It’s pretty incredible really and definitely worth the time to check out. To download the album go ahead with this link:

FeroZMonas continues his bizarre experimentation with cumbia sounds. The new track is really ill.

Piper Street Sound has large involvement with Boom One Records. Sharing some artists and production work, Piper Street Sound mixed together this mixtape of Boom One Records releases and artists in a cumbia dub style.

Boom One’s Cumbia Rub-A-Dub Session at Piper Street Studios Vol.2 by Piper Street Sound on Mixcloud

Who would have though Sade and cumbia would flow so well together? Well Camacho 11:11 did and I’m happy for it. This really came out hauntingly excellent. It gets stuck in my mind.

In a couple of days I will have my own personal review of the new Frikstailers album “En Son de Paz.” But for now if you haven’t heard anything yet this is a great sampler.

I really like this next one a lot. It has taken me a while to get to it here but never too late I guess. It is by DJ Galletas Calientes. This was a remix he made for a project but was not accepted. I think they’re fools unless the other tracks were out of this world.

Last up before I start collecting for this next Saturday’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, is this chill cumbia dub from Del Bravo.

I do apologize for my extreme tardiness. I am grateful for everyone’s patience and well wishes. I especially want to thank the boss man Dee Jay Umb for being understanding and supportive.


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