Yeah right, I’m sure you didn’t actually think that I was fortunate enough to share a few moments talking to the real David Bowie. However I can share a few moments with his new album. Taking European charts by storm, Bowie’s long awaited (10 years) new album is ranking number one all over the place. Is it fair? I personally say yes. Yes absolutely!

Now I am very opinionated, some say too much. And I know how it goes. A lot of people burn out after many years of success. Some do not. While some do but then return. I put David Bowie in the last category. The late 80’s were atrocious sell out days (even Bowie admitted to being ashamed of it). Also the early 90’s with all due respect for the song “Jump They Say” about his brother jumping to his death, which I actually think is the one good song on the album “Black Tie White Noise.” And there were a few but really very few good songs coming from him until the albums “Outside” and “Earthling.” Then when he released “Hours” I was really hoping for something grandiose based on his leaking of two tracks from the album on his “VH1 Storytellers” episode. But I must say I was disappointed. At that time I thought maybe he has burned out. And just when I was about to allow myself to be convinced of this, he released “Heathen.” This was his best album in my opinion since “Scary Monsters” or maybe dare I say “Low.”

It might appear unnecessary for me to state that I’m quite the “Bowie-ite.” I was a paying member of Bowienet in the 90’s where I had a few MB of personal space, which was a big deal back then. Also I believe if I remember correctly it cost around 45 U.S. dollars a year. Compared to my Prince New Power Generation membership at 125 dollars a year (both gave exclusive unreleased material by the artists, Prince provided more, almost on a monthly basis actually, while both also sold concert tickets and other show tickets early to members only along with sound checks. It was all well worth it in my opinion).

“Reality” was a cool album and a really cool tour. After the tour David Bowie practically disappeared. Many of us thinking he was actually going into retirement. Good thing many of us were wrong. Now we have “The Next Day”. Umb wasn’t too fond of the single “Where Are We Now” as much as I was, and I must say I was and am quite fond of that song. I got my hands on “The Next Day” upon it’s U.K. release date and listened closely to every song. I say with all honesty that I really do enjoy the album. Is it as wonderful as “Heathen”, no but it’s not too far off. I think he did a swell job on “The Next Day.” His voice sounds wonderful for 66 years of age. You don’t of course have to take my word for it but I enjoy the new album and look forward to seeing him on tour soon.

Below I have the iTunes for the album (just click on his picture and it will take you there). And below that I have the new video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight.” Let me know what you think of it or the album. I’m interested in everyone’s opinions so comment below if you feel inclined to share. If you don’t have the album yet I suggest you purchase it. If you are broke like most of us are then, ahem hit me up on Facebook and maybe I can help you out ;).



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