Here’s Buraka Som Sistema defining what they mean by “Zouk Bass”, yes you heard it on the Boiler Room sesh, well now you know what it is:

The almighty Buraka Som Sistema join the Upper Cuts free download series on a mission to give the world yet another musical genre to dance to. The tropical downtempo madness of first 15 minutes of their now legendary Boiler Room set marked the introduction of Zouk Bass, a brand new tropical hybrid born from the meeting of the French Antillan rhythms of zouk – and its Lusophone relative kizomba – with the bass-heavy styles of the UK underground.

Zouk Flute is the name of the track that brings the slow and sexy zouk rhythms to the 21st century clubs. A mischievous and downright hypnotic melody instantly puts you in the mood for dancing in dimly lit rooms, giving the style’s tropical heritage a dangerous modern edge. While the charming synths reel you in, the heavy slow-paced beats and thick sub-bass pressure promise to keep you nailed to the dancefloor, ocasionally breaking the spell to ask the DJ for yet another rewind.

As it happened all those years ago with the fast-paced Angolan rhythms of kuduro, yet another tropical revolution in electronic dance music can be traced back to Buraka Som Sistema’s studio. While the beats radically change this time around, the need to make people dance their troubles away stays the same. Because dancing is always the best remedy, why not do it a bit slower?

Additional vocals by Myriiam

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