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There’s a musical life outside Paris. Yes, there is. In fact, honestly, if people could take more time visiting around they’d discover that as beautiful the capital might be, it mostly is being considered as a cultural center because it’s unlegitimately vampirizing every ressource around. I’m not saying that you should immediately run away from the place – you’d be sad to miss our Tropikal Masalas or the big parties organized by our fellows the Patamix crew.

So today anyway let’s have a look at some of the great talents, party organizers outside the big place, and i promise you, there’s little chance you get disappointed when you’ll see how much energy and enthousiasm these guys can come up with.

So let’s go !



The crew founded in 2002 by Larsen and Jah Kooperator started as a soundsystem playing Jamaïcan music, dub and Drum/breakcore. The parties were definitely oriented free party” the guys played a bit everywhere on different festivals and many other places like free parties in the woods. In Aveyron they sat up the Radical Nights and the Bass Con_Fusion jams. The idea is to introduce Bass music in an area which is very rural.

Scotchland2012In 2006 they came up with a new concept : Small is beautiful ! Low energy Party ! A solar soundsystem introduced by Philoo’Scorcher, Yah Medle&Sdefzone .

Another of their specialities is sellotaping. They invade places with scotch tapes creating organic shapes. This performance was initiated by plastician artist Yorga in 2003.

Voyage au centre de la bulle – l’explosition #4

Tape art in Montreal “juste pour rire” 2008

“sous le soleil exactement”, Outernational Bass & Tape ArT !

And now for the super (solar) mixtapes from the Drop Outernational series !

Can’t Stop MoombaH ! (El operator – KOOKABOORA)

In June the friends of Kookaboora will received ShazaLaKazoo for “fête de la musique” festival.


Bass Culture Show is a French radio show dedicated to global music in its wide sense. Not just tropical bass, but any music from experimental to French Punk, dubstep, socca… you name it Robby the programme host can play it ! The man is a musical library.

RobDaNoiZe – Tropikal Bass Blast # 2 by Basscultureradioshow on Mixcloud


Robby doesn’t work only solo, with his partner they have constitued Sono Gringo Systema, a soundsystem dedicated to global music.

Sono Gringo SoundSystema Swing vs Balkan

Sono Gringo SoundSystema_Minimix_Balalalalaaacumbiaaaaaa

The guys are also working within the crew No Fate and set up lovely parties a bit everywhere in the eastern part of France. They are also the ones behind the Piou Piou Festival !


The man shared stage with lots of big names like Asian Dub Foundation, Assassin, High Tone, Mad Professor… but more important is his involvement in bringing and having a tropical bass scene exist in the beautiful rural area that Ardèche is.

Teaser EL DIRTY SONIDERO from Merryl Zeliam on Vimeo. (Tracklist on the page)

El Dirty Sonidero – CumbiaBoom Mix


The crew is now composed of Dj No Breakfast & Laundrymix and was originally founded by Canalh who now lives in Colombia. They host big tropical parties (mostly based in Toulouse) where you can footwork for hours on Cumbia beats, bailable bolly tracks and more ! They recently invited the super good Gato Preto, great initiative !

House by Laundrymix (Yo!Somassiv) on Mixcloud


FRENCH DO IT BETTER ► M.V.D.X. radio show n°63 du 07/11/12 sur radio FMR 89.1 by Dj No Breakfast on Mixcloud

San Juan con la 70 by Canalh

I don’t pretend to offer an extensive list of all the partymakers. It’s rather to invite you partygoers to check other places, really cool even if there’s no Eiffel Tower to photograph.

Of course the title of this article comes from Rob Sheffield memoir’s title.

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