Tribal War EP – Stas

“This ep tells a whole story that i have in my mind but i can’t really tell it. It’s split to four parts, the names of the tracks tell the themes, the different parts of the story. I don’t even want to explain what I see when i listen to this music and what i imagined when i made these tracks so it’s up to your imagination.

I was studying different cultures music before the making of this ep and my idea was to “mix” middle eastern, indian and different tribal motives and elements together and add an electronic structure to it. I don’t know how to call this style, maybe Tribal Moombahton.” – Stas

The ep will be released on the 25th of march on Deadly Viper Recordings and will be available on iTunes and on Bandcamp.

Remix Contest:
There is also a remix contest going on till the 12th of April. Anyone can get the stems of the second track on the ep called “Spirits” in two different tempos, in 110 and 90bpm. There will be 5 winner tracks that will be on the official Spirits remix ep released on DVR.

You can get the stems HERE and more info about the remix contest.

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