Very few in the often brilliant and large tropical bass music scene can compare to Frikstailers when it comes to commitment to theme, character and stage presence. Ever since I first encountered them it has sincerely been wonderful for me to experience their music. Honestly from humble beginnings these innovative masters of tropical bass have grown into a huge force that I can only see growing in popularity and success.

They’re about to embark on massive tour to spread their sonic and visual experience around even more. Last December you may remember their performance in The Boiler Room, where the audience dug their crazy appearance and amazing sound. That was a special performance that helped bring them more popularity globally. I, only with sincere intentions, wish for you to check out their new album En Son de Paz. It is incredible. They’ve come a long way from their cumbia digital roots in Buenos Aires. I’m just happy to be a part of the moment when they explode into the big time.

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