Last Sunday I was in Austin, Texas at the SXSW music conference and having worked like crazy Wednesday thru Friday I was super excited to just chill out and enjoy some good music on Sunday, which happened to be St. Paddy’s day, which is basically a fun excuse for ALL Americans to wear green and get sloppy.  It also happened be the SXSW edition of ‘Moombahton Massive’ Nadastrom and Sabo’s party which is normally held in Washington DC.   I came and left and came back, and as the sun was setting Kastle stepped to the decks and played an astonishing, wonderful set.  Even Dave Nada tweeted “I haven’t been this blown away by a dj set in a long time. Here’s @kastledub playing our Nadastrom & Friends closing party in Austin. Barrett is patiently waiting for everyone to catch up with him. Amazing.”  So on Kastle’s soundcloud I found this little gem of a mix.  This is exactly the mixtape I have been begging DJ mOma to make me for years.  I suppose to all you guys in the UK this kinda stuff might be passé, but to the rest of the world who wasn’t clubbing in London in 2001, this stuff is pretty dope and with the recent rise in popularity of Funky House and acts like Disclosure, these classic joints seem even more relevant.  Todd Edwards, fuck, I’m just shaking my head his music was so amazing to me and my friends when we first heard it 12 years ago (yikes!) and still, just dope, dope, dope.  

At that same party I was happy to also see the homie Sabo, and yesterday he just dropped an AMAZING little gift on us.  A full mix of his own edits.  DAYYYUM, to assemble a full mix of dope raw edits that you cooked up all yourself, I really don’t know what to say.  This mix is kinda everything thats right about Moombahton, super deep and vibey, great synths and light years away from the aggro-brostep-moombahcore that I’m personally starting to detest so much.  All the tracks are available for FREE download if you go and “Like” Sabo’s fan page on Facebook, YAY!

Lastly here is one from a old time friend of mine DJ Anubus.  He used to be known as a really great turntablist with a really terrible vinyl collection.  I can’t explain how happy it makes me to see how far he’s come as a selector and producer!  His side project Disco Llama has some really great disco reworks and edits and be sure to scroll down on his soundcloud and check his Moombah Don’t Sweat the Technique, its iLL!   This mix here is a very nice groovy, bassy, chill out listen.  ENJOY!

Yo, next week we go to the dirty south with mixes from three TEXANS, bring ur trap hat…








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