A few years ago, back in 2009, we were all going wild for these Ku Ku Bass Beats and it was a breath of fresh air and time has not dininished their allure and appeal one bit.  They sound even more relevant now as they did back then.  Except this time around the world might just be ready for them.  They were probably too future a few years back and a lot of people couldn’t handle their futureness, if such a word exists.

Sane Eba is an absolute classic and that’s what we thought when we blogged it way back HERE and our opinion has not changed one bit, in fact we feel this track is one of the finest we have ever heard in this genre.

Just a few days ago I was speaking with my dude Zakee and he was telling me that he had some unreleased Ku Ku Bass tracks with M.I.A. and I said to him that he just had to let them loose for free so we could enjoy their benefits.  So, that’s exactly what he has decided to do with one such track!

Oh man, these just sound way ahead of time even now, thank you Zakee my man, you just made my weekend!

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