If you didn’t know already and we’ve told you countless times before, Kuduro means “Hard Ass”.

I’m pretty stoked at the minute cause it’s great to finally start hearing more Kuduro being reproduced by European dudes with an African background.

The DZC Crew who feature the likes of Deejay Kuimba, DJ 2PeKes, DJ Karfox and DJ Matabaya, amongst others are fast becoming some of my favourite European exponents of this great, great genre.  We already know they have played an influential part in the creation of Zouk Bass with their Tarraxinha productions.

Here’s why their Kuduro Kicks Ass:


  1. it’s awesome that you like kuduro. unfortunately a lot of people don’t know its original. those ‘african dudes’ you generically referred to are actually from a part of Africa, a large country actually, called Angola. Kuduro, both the dance and music, originated & still thrives there. Its an cultural Angolan export and since its a former colony of Portugal, the Angolans in Portugal made it famous and all the sudden (whites) Europeans caught on and it’s not that long before Brazil also jumped on the bandwagon and finally, the Spanish Caribbean islands and now gradually pockets of America. Misinformation takes away credit especially when white folks steal it.

    1. Yes we do know this. We have been blogging Kuduro since 2009 and have many times spoken about its origins. I don’t feel the need to do so on every single post that I write on Kuduro as if you know our blog, you will also know that we have spoken about these same things for some time. But I am with you my friend and agree with your stance.

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