I can honestly say that I’m happy with how this past week has turned out. Beyond the fact that I’m not feeling like I’m on my death bed like I was last week at this precise time, the zouk bass has taken over the new “trend in music” slot and I must say that I prefer it to trap. This is just personal taste and preference, but I feel I can get behind zouk bass more. Also with zouk bass came the usual fussing and fighting rants that take place on Facebook and blogs. Within the frenzy I found myself entering a more introspective state. Remembering old trends dating back to the early 90’s grunge scene all the way up to the current music industry land of confusion we find ourselves today. I won’t get into it here but I just wanted to point out that I put my thoughts into written words and a lot of good responses and realizations came out of it all. You can look it up here to see and take part in the discussions if you wish to add. I thank all you cumbieros here for your acceptance of me.

Well I’m feeling much better and my mind is sharper this weekend so I’m ready to be on time this week!

Here we go…

This was a rather wonderful find for me. Cumbia digital with heavy synths is right up my alley when it comes to personal preference. I absolutely love this track by Amantes Del Futuro.

Zouk bass? Is it slow minimal dancehall? I joke of course, well sort of. This isn’t zouk bass but there is a relation and maybe you can hear it. A dope cumbia raga or cumbiamuffin if you prefer, by El Mulato.

Philthy Dronez felt a strange desire to do an experiment. He mashed, mixed, muxed samba, bossa nova, Herb Alpert’s own culture experiments and cumbia into this delightfully fun project.

Another strange combo comes from the mind of Philthy Dronez. What would Black Sabbath (of which I’m a massive fan) and cumbia sound like?

Here is another one that I absolutely love. Turbo Sonidero Futuristico shared this earlier this week. In San Francisco there is a weekly cumbia party that has been going on for 7 years now called El Superritmo. A party I have to attend soon. The guys that run the party are named Kool Kyle and DJ Roger Mas, both of which are awesome names. These parties have got to be dope if they’re sharing stuff like this Operation Ivy (another band I’m a big fan of) cover of Take Warning.

DJ Ficti thought he could make a sick mix of five tracks within six minutes and twelve seconds. He thought correctly. Not only did he do it but he did it with style. And the chosen songs are diverse tracks we don’t hear normally in a lot of recent mixes from others. For this I give DJ Ficti much props.

An LP was dropped on the internet clouds this week from the champion of Eastern Cumbia, Derbasler. Now you can get his dope Eastern Cumbias in one location, here.

One of the hottest new cumbia acts right now is definitely Malefics. I have featured them here not to long ago. They are up there with La MinkTK in my opinion. They’re dark, they’re humorous and they’re CUMBIA! Their new album Fuck Everything And Become Malefics is yours to download for free. I advise you strongly to do it and you can do it HERE.

You have to check out this next video, if you care about nu cumbia that is, because Turbo Sonidero Futuristico has been a strong player in the scene for some time now. He has provided us with a lot of great tumbia tracks in the past and even provided us some nice cumbia breaks for our productions and mixes. This is a video expose from 2011 that was just uploaded.

Weekly this cumbiera will never rest. Tropicaneando loves to share music and she loves to share her love for music. She does so weekly with her Tropicaneando Con Paola series, which she reposts and shares in English on my other blog Nu Cumbia Experience. She also, restlessly commits herself to mixing other tapes during the week. This is one of her latest she shared a few days ago. I think you might really get into this.

Si le meto al tropical Vol 12 by Anacaona on Mixcloud

Movimientos is a show I haven’t covered here before. It is about time I share Cal Jader’s show to Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. The choices are really cool and involve a lot of our friends here.

You have to click this link to open a new window and take you there.

Andres Digital made a crazy remix where he fit in many ideas into one place. Sometimes this can be bad, actually a lot of the time, but in Andres Digital’s case this is quite successful.

Slowing things down now to a more chill level I have the Rumbatron Sonora cumbia original. The groove is simple but in that minimalist way that attracts my interest.

A very experimental piece of work comes from the mind of Pablo Crikta. It is mysterious and creativity beyond words. Even beyond a coherent title.

I’ve come across a couple different Cypress Hill cumbia edits these past few years. I miss Cypress Hill being on top of the game. Their stuff was provocative and edgy and with just enough dopeness that those who were easily offended couldn’t resist. Kuto Quilla Selektah drops this Hang On The Pump refix and it hits hard.

Peruvian maestro, pioneer Deltatron is always welcome here. Everyone in the Terror Negro Crew is welcome here. That being said here is Deltatron’s new banger with dope DJ drop included.

At the end here, where we are, this appeared on my desk just in time. A perfect chill cerebrally stimulating (u nah mean) cumbia mixtape by 4:20 Music Flavor.

Thanks for spending some time with me this weekend, weekday or whenever you’re reading this, if you’re reading this, if you’re not reading this I still thank you for coming by to listen to the music.


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