Just grabbed this from the Man Recordings site and here’s what they say below.  I agree with a large part of what they say about people not hitting the right spot and I have been vocal about this with some people in private.  However, I personally would not consider “Zouk Flute” by Buraka as the blueprint for Zouk Bass, I’d opt for Kuimba’s track “Tarrax Na Parede” as the blueprint.  Plus it was made by people with genuine African roots and they should not be ignored in all of this otherwise I’m gonna start getting really pissed off.  You know the times of Neo-colonialism should be over by now!

Man Recordings:

Zouk Bass, the term coined by Buraka Som Sistema as a term for the slow motion tropical jams with which they opened their set at a recent Boiler Room performance, is currently all the rage. Numerous artists have been jumping on this new genre, but hardly anyone is hitting the right spot since the balance of slow paced tarraxinha and zouk inspired rhythms mixed up with heavy bass and r n´b splinters is a particular science. Buraka´s “Zouk Flute”, released last week for free through their Uppercuts label, could be considered the blueprint track.

Tarraxo or Tarraxinha is generally cited as the main influence of Zouk Bass, originally created by Kuduro producers across lusophonic countries such Angola, São Tomê, Capo Verde and Portugal as an instrumental version of romanticist Kizomba, a generally more melodic, music-to-please-ladies-to-the-dancefloor vibe, which is couple friendlier for the dancefloor than the fast paced Kuduro rhythms. When I first heard Tarraxo (pronounced: “Tarrasho”) , I thought of it as the lusophonic version of Bogle.

Regarding the genesis of Zouk Bass however, there´s only one original tarraxo track (from DJ Kuimba ft. DJ Yudifox) in the Zouk Bass part of Buraka´s set, other tracks come from Dubble Dutch, Buraka themselves and bits from yet unreleased Buraka-Schlachthofbronx collaborations. Nevertheless, the Zouk Bass hype as opened the ears to Tarraxinha and the lovers music of the lusophonic world. Now mixtapes pop up from the homelands of Tarraxinha: DJ Marfox from Lisboa released his “Keep Calm And Dance To Tarraxinha” mixtape last week. DJ Satelite from Luanda, who has made his name with various Kuduro and Afro house tracks in the past, just sent us a link to his mix of Tarraxinha jams. Listen to it below.


1 – Abadja Mix – DJ Znobia
2 – Cheila – Chico Max
3 – Chuva – Dede Vesa
4 – Comboio – DJ Massacres
5 – Lola – Dj Marcelo
6 – Znobia Na India – Dj Znobia
7 – Fica Assim – Dj Mania
8 – Mocinha – DJ Joice Gomes
9 – Tarracho – Dj Znobia

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