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As i was about to write another article about new floating biutiful music I came across the annoucement of the next Pura Crema release for April. I could resist asking Adrián Méndez – one of the persons at the head of the project -, for a few details.
The least we can say is that the man is very prolific in his words and work. So just sit comfortable, enjoy the reading and let go the biutiful miusic. Pura Crema, is the new latin chic, the new silk of life.

From Adrián Méndez :

This project has its origins in August 2012, I first conceived the idea with photographer and close friend Cuauhtémoc Suárez as a midway point between a netlabel and video site. Cuauhtemoc had recently bought his first digital camera with video settings and he was keen on starting to use that function in a productive manner, and I had been flirting with the idea of starting a free net label dedicated to the exploration of sensuality and love inspired music, “Love Beat” as I’ve been calling it, others who are pushing in this direction such as french label Youngunz have come up with “Fuck Music” in some of their tracks.

Temo and I ended up combining our intentions to create the Crema concept. We immediately invited our friend and roommate Iker Basauri to create the graphic image for the platform and our mutual friend Aldo Ayllón to photograph some videos due to his varied experience working for men’s magazines and editorial fashion shoots, which would help vary the videos from those produced by Cuauhtemoc who comes from a self taught, amateur formation, which has grown as something part of his style.

The Pura Crema nicker came about due to url issues, Crema.tv and Facebook.com/Crema were taken, so we opted for Pura Crema, translating into “All Cream” or “Pure Cream” appealing to unsurpasable beauty, “La Crème de la Crème”.

We turned the platform into a content satellite for our mother site NWLA.tv – New Weird Latin America – a larger, more recognized site we run directed for the globalized spanish speaking community, with a high focus on new alternative music arising from Latin America. This technique is helping our overall reach grow at a faster pace, giving the benefit of original content for the mother and placement for the satellite.”

Crema Compilation 003 CRM003 – FREE DOWNLOAD : HERE

The initial take on the music for Pura Crema was purely electronic, heavely based on house grooves, with a fixation on slow beats. As our network of music makers grows, the motives behind the music change but manage to keep certain references from the first releases. It’s not all house based anymore, but the “Love Beat” or “Fuck Music” is kept as a constant in all the tracks we’ve launched. We are trying not to limit the music to certain references (house, hip-hop, tropical etc.), and with every new release we keep succeeding in having a higher diversity of artists collab with us in this project, the final goal is to get as many personal and diverse views on the concept we manage, love and sensuality.”

The approach to our videos follows an amateur aesthetic in many senses for particular reasons. With this we look to achieve a more intimate approach towards the model in the video. We started this out taking the same principle you would as if you were doing a photoshoot, the intention was to create a “video-pictorial”, literally editing a series of static placements with the model posing as if for a static picture rather than video. This has slowly evolved into varied perspectives on the subject, some videos appealing more and more towards fetishistic fixations such as narrative and aesthetic themes. All in all, our final intent is to make it look more “real” than it would if we had to set up a full blown production with lighting and other elements that would over-romanticize the look and feel of the piece, we want the spectator to think of girls they would know in real life rather than models in a video.”

Crema Compilation 002 CRM002 – FREE DOWNLOAD : HERE

We are halfway through our 4th “season” of videos and tracks, with the launch of downloadable compilation due on April 10th. We are now a slightly larger team with 3 photographers, 1 stylist, 1 graphic designer, 1 postproducer, 1 web administrator, local model management agencies and a couple of clothing sponsors (Namely local designers tonydelfino.com and Vans México) to back us up with cool gear for the models. We plan to keep going with this indefinitely, as long as each “season” traduces into growth of the platform in some way or another, be it cashing in more bills into our pockets or views into our youtube channel. We are keen on continuing this exploration into a sub-genre in formation, as well as this format we’ve built up to release music.”

PURACREMA.TV for Vans Girls México (@vansgirls_mx) Festival Bahidora 2013 in Cuautla, Mexico

Music: Mount Bliss by I Can Chase Dragons
Video : Aldo Ayllón&Daniel “Lucky” M. Torres
Directing : Adrián Méndez&Cuauhtémoc Suárez
Editing&post-prod : Adrián Méndez
Models: Ana Arenas&Jimena Vega
Styling: Eliani Camargo

The festival had among names Cocorosie, Jacques Greene&I Can Chase Dragons…

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