I was checking out El Guero Unico’s latest Global Bass Experience show because he said he had included a shitload of Tarraxinha and I was surprised to discover he had included a lot of tracks stemming back to a compilation from 2006!

Upon further investigation by yours truly, I discovered that the compilation did indeed come out in 2006 and was put together by that man DJ Marfox on the Principe Disco’s label.

This label is based in Portugal and here’s what they say:

PRÍNCIPE is a record label out of Lisbon, Portugal. It is fully dedicated to releasing 100% real contemporary dance music coming out of this city, its suburbs, projects & slums. New sounds, forms and structures with their own set of poetics and cultural identity.

We want to make sure that the amazing work being produced here, be it house, techno, kuduro, batida, kizomba, funaná, tarrachinha or any other new aesthetic development, will not remain unheard outside of our clubs, cellphones and homes anymore. All artwork conceived & executed by Márcio Matos. All copies individually stenciled & handpainted – so each record is unique. All sound mastering done with philosophy by Tó Pinheiro da Silva, veteran Portuguese sound genius, at his home studio.

Distributed in EU by Rub A Dub

So I also stumbled upon the actual compilation, which is a 2 sided monster and it is free!!! It contains all the different genres as mentioned above and so is not solely made up of Tarraxinha tracks and it’s a bit of a beaut!

Here’s what they say about the compilation:

V/A – Dj’s do Guetto Vol. 1
Self-released, digital; 2006
Príncipe Discos reissues, digital; 2013
one of one of the crucial documents of afro-portuguese dance music
free digital reissue
Príncipe Reissues #001


Full compilation free download here:


1. Dj N.k & Dj Pausas – Intro Di Guetto
2. Dj N.k. – Estão a Dar Medo
3. Dj Jesse – Pimp My Ragga
4. Dj N.k – Não Chora Mais Não (Instrumental)
5. Dj Marfox – Un Bes Bai
6. Dj Marfox & Dj N.k. – Sirene
7. Dj Fofuxo – Noddy Di Ghetho
8. Dj Nervoso – Só Kadera
9. Dj Marfox – Apito Do Guetto
10. Dj Pausas & Dj Fofuxo – Tarracho Exxelentt
11. Dj Pausas – Me Respeitem
12. Dj Fofuxo – É Africa
13. Dj N.k. – Mete Chuva Muita Chuva
14. Dj Marfox – Funk Em Kuduro
15. Dj Fofuxo – Isto é Kazu Bite
16. Dj Nervoso – Tarracho Nervoso
17. Dj Fofuxo & Dj Pausas – Na Aréa
18. Dj N.k. – Keep Your Hands In The Air
19. Dj Nervoso – Tipo Samba


1. Dj Marfox – CD Ta Riscado (Intro)
2. Dj Nervoso – Tapada
3. Dj Jesse – Tecnho
4. Dj Marfox – Drift Furioso
5. Dj Nervoso & Dj Marfox – Nas Calmas
6. Dj Fofuxo – Tarracho Do Guetto
7. Dj Nervoso – Paradise
8. Dj N.k. – Alarme Noturno
9. Dj Fofuxo – Raizes
10. Dj Jesse & Dj N.k – Afikanos
11. Dj N.k. – Do Your Think You’Re Better
12. Dj Pausas – Oba
13. Dj Pausas – Horáá
14. Dj Marfox – Viva Ao Brasil
15. Dj Jesse – TuKiza
16. Dj Jesse & Dj Nervoso – Estrago Terrivel
17. Dj Fofuxo – My Body
18. Dj N.k. – Mal Agressivo


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