The “Mighty” importance of this particular mixtape should not go overlooked.

When in February 2013 Buraka Som Sistema unveiled the idea of “Zouk Bass” opening with Deejay Kuimba’s track, “Tarraxo Na Parede” followed by one of their own, “Zouk Flute”, we all clamoured to get hold of this sound.

A few weeks later we found people like Kuimba, Paparazzi and a whole host of others are also now cropping up. Buraka called it “Zouk Bass”!

Well, what they did was not really anything new, nothing ever is.

About a year earlier, however, ever so quietly, the brilliant Nguzunguu did exactly the same thing when they released their “Perfect Lullaby” mixtape for Dis Magazine.

In fact they took American R&B for their inspiration and beautifully, and I mean BEAUTIFULLY, re-imagined the sensual Tarraxinha beats mashed with gorgeous dreamy R&B numbers.

They could have announced it back then…”We got something brand new…we call it Zouk Bliss” aahahhaha….

A lot of people slept on it and didn’t really see the unimaginable potential that it has.

Of course it is not entirely the same as “Zouk Bass” which is squarely aimed at the dancefloor, whereas what Nguzunguzu did, is squarely aimed for your broken heart.

This mixtape is one of the finest I’ve heard and maybe it would have been lost to a lot of new ears had “Zouk Bass” not come along and given us an almighty shove.

One of the greatest things to come out of this whole Zouk Bass phenomenon will be that we’re all seeing the true potential in a vastly underrated but beautiful genre, Tarraxinha.

Thank You Nguzunguzu cause this is a genius work of art of the highest degree:

Mix for DIS Magazine by nguzunguzu


NGUZUNGUZU – Boy Is Mine (Harp Edit)
Ciara – Flaws and All (NGUZUNGUZU Edit)
Ciara vs. Stereotyp – I Run It / Swagger Barefoot (NGUZU Edit)
Ja Rule ft. R Kelly & Ashanti – Wonderful (DJ P&P Productions Zouk Mix / No Ja Rule Edit)
DJ Cratera – Mundo Perdido
Ashanti vs. SaLeZ – Foolish/Pura InspiraçaO (NGUZU Edit)
Amerie ft. DJ Lo – One Thing
DJ Boda – Tarraxo Suave
The-Dream – I Love Your Girl (Peejay Zouk-Fusion Remix)
DJ PutO cOx – Pensamento 2010
Nicki Minaj – Wave Ya Hand
DJ LaGaRtInHo ft. DJ Antomax – Tarraxa Para Mim Minha Menina
DJ Daycard – Kompronde Mi Palabra (Zouk Version)
Young Joc ft. Gorilla Zoe – Coffee Shop (DJ Gildo Remix)
DJ Nate vs. DJ Tiba – Young Bangas Tarracha (NGUZU Edit)
DJ Tiba – Soft Style
DJ Barata vs. Beyonce – Desilusão/Beautiful Nightmare (NGUZU Edit)
Elinho – Cabolove
DJ Dream_Fox – Ela sabe para que éé…
Kingdom – Lil Tears
DJ Fofuxo – Preta Chinesa
DJ NS – Sensual Tarraxinha
DJ Nedwyt-Fox – Meu Próprio Estilo

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