How colored eggs, fasting, chocolate, giant bunnies and Jesus all have something in common will never make much sense to me but I’m not religious so needless to say the things in life that can be explained rationally will make sense to me more easily than the absurd things that can only be explained by more absurd explanations. On that I bid you all a happy Easter weekend (or week after if you read this after Sunday).

How did you spend your Good Friday? I spent mine at a special engagement held close to my home. It was a test screening of Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss’ new movie that will have its official launch at the end of April. It was a real pleasure getting to watch and review the movie alongside Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins, Ian McEwen and Cameron Diaz, yes Cameron Diaz. What an interesting experience honestly. Sitting almost directly behind Dawkins and Krauss as they saw their new feature for the first time was an experience I shan’t forget. It was a pleasure to talk with the atheist duo again and even more interesting in the presence of Cameron Diaz discussing her belief in God challenging them. It was just one of those things you had to see to believe (like someone rising from the dead and flying to heaven).

The idea was to watch and review the film so they can make edits before the official release. In a lot of ways it was a real honor. Also I didn’t care much for the film. Visually it was wonderful but the premise was not apparent and it was over-all incoherent. The bizarre fact that Lawrence Krauss, perhaps the world’s leading physicist who is at the forefront of discovering the nature of dark matter and has traced the history of the universe to the precise moment of the Big Bang while explaining how something can come from nothing, which challenges many previous beliefs on the origin of the universe, would want to sit down and joke around with me is something I can’t quite explain. I’m just very fortunate to be able to not only discuss life with but also joke around with today’s equivalent of Einstein. I may very well be name-dropping but at least it’s with a genius.

A Good Friday indeed.

My gift to you is this cumbia round up. I have some real goodies for all of you.

This is going to start out things a little different today. Piper Street Sound kindly produced a mixtape of this weeks post (excluding the tracks that can’t be downloaded) so you can play the mixtape to hear the selected tracks and if you wish to download you can click on their individual player.

First up is this call back to some sounds many of us are considerably familiar with. Yelram Selectah shows some Street Fighter II love with his new cumbia.

I don’t believe Triblin Sound has the potential to ever disappoint me. Some of his cumbia tracks are among my all time favorite. We’re fortunate that he is still young and has a long future ahead of him. Here is his new track that I bet you will love as much as I do.

My friend KayGee is one of my best supporters. His words are always very positive and I really appreciate him. After a couple of months off he is back on the air in Madrid with his La Selva radio show, where he features a lot of nu cumbia. This is his latest segment from the show.

Albert DJ Style as I’ve said many times in the past, respectfully edits classics old and newer. By way of his edits I can share some mainstream classic cumbia tracks with new audiences to explain the differences of the older and more modern sounds in the cumbia world.

Pedrolito is back on here with his lovely new mix, number 42 in his series, titled “Cumbia Against The Machine.” It is always a pleasure to share Pedrolito’s mixes with the dear Generation Bass family.

Dale amor a la cumbia que la cumbia te lo devuelve #42 by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

I played this next track on my last “The Global Bass Experience” episode. 420 Music Flavor, also the supplier of this week’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia art, sent this my way a few days back. I thought it was too catchy to avoid.

This next one is a little older. I miss tracks from time to time but keep your faith in me, for it is not blind, because I normally find all the good stuff even if it takes me longer than expected.

More fitting for Halloween, but it’s always Halloween in my heart.

I also played this one on my last TGBE episode. Arturo Herrera has been sharing a lot of his mashups and edits with the Nu Cumbia Experience Facebook group lately and this was one of the best.

Another one dating back a few months, seven months with this one actually. But it is never too late to share nu cumbia tracks that pleasure the senses.

Picking up the energy, I now share with you Sonora Rumbatron’s new minimal-techno-cumbia. It really came out well in my opinion.

Stereo Revuelta was on my earliest SSC posts and he still makes an appearance after all this time. We cumbia-heads just don’t ever quit, and for good reason, because we LOVE cumbia and will forever. This is his latest enjoyable cumbia-DnB edit.

Last up is a track from a Peruvian chicha band I was just very recently introduced to. Check this song out, it is very exciting and you should expect more of their music to be posted by me very soon.

That about does it for me this weekend. I have a busy one ahead of me. Be safe as always and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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