As far as tribute albums go, The Easy All Stars did some great Dub tributes to Floyd and Radiohead but them aside I can’t really say many others tickled my fancy.

This present tribute however is pretty mind blowing stuff and it’s a great new re-interpretation of a classic album that everyone should rightfully have in their collections.

Here’s what they say:

To celebrate five years of Fwonk*, and forty years of Dark Side of the Moon, our regulars got together and reproduced Pink Floyd’s classic LP.

This LP faithfully follows the original structure, but each track is warped by a different artist or group of artists. This encompasses ambient electronica, chip-tune, shoegaze, metal and idm versions of the classic originals. We even threw in some extra bonus tracks inspired by DSotM for the sheer fun of it.

All songs written and originally performed by Pink Floyd. We are making no money from the release of this EP. We do this for the sheer love of the music. If you don’t own the original Pink Floyd album, we really suggest you get a copy now, as it’s magnificent.

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