Criolina – Space Night Love Dance Laser


Criolina is a collective from Brasilia and they promote the music of Brasilia.

Great, and what is this sound? Maybe you don’t ever listened any ghetto sound of brazilia, because there isn’t a ghetto there. It’s a planned city. This city is young, it don’t have even 50 years, so the people of there, aren’t from there. They are from others states and went to Brazilia to work there. So why I’m telling this? Because even to us, from São Paulo, is difficult to know about Brasilia.

But now we have a good demonstration of what they produce:

Mixing house music with brazilian styles, this SNLDL (space nigth love dance laser) is great pack of musics, using original instruments and influences of brazilian culture.

More than that, some musics has big influence of eletronic, creating a organic house music and creative sounds. Lambada Classe A start with instruments then receive a massive bass line. At end of it, you can hear again the instruments.

More than brazilian influence, it’s a very funny compilation to hear. You’ll discover instruments from brazilian music and some mix of carnaval culture. Carnaval isn’t just samba, and you can descover a little of it here.

There is a free download link of 320 album here -> Criolina

ps: they are open to receive free remixes!!

Moombassador Sounds Vol.2 : Mendez – Moombah Club Reworks


Bringing the heat right on time has always been the expectation for Phoenix, Arizona-based producer Frank Mendez whose Moombassador Sounds – Volume 2 release sets the tempo of some of rap’s hottest club jams of 2013 to moombahton’s slowed and heavier pace. Vamos Promo continues to be an ambassador for tropical bass’ pop sound-of-the-moment, the three-man moombah-marketing-mavericks linking up with the El Cuco Records chief to once again showcase moombahton’s ability to better unify rap and EDM – the mainstream’s most prevalent sounds – in an appealing manner.

As always, Legitmix‘s power in allowing top remixes with such sample-heavy flavor to benefit both artist and remixer is showcased. Hits like Drake‘s Started from the Bottom, French Montana and Nicki Minaj‘s reggaeton-influenced Freaks, Lil Wayne‘s seemingly ubiquitous Love Me and Snoop Dogg sampling Tyga banger Dope all take on a newer and arguably club-friendlier flavor here, moombahton’s progressive sound feeling right-on-time.

With the weather slowly beginning to turn the corner and the on-set of sweltering nights forthcoming, this is the perfect collection to add to the digital crates to take a party from hot to sweltering at the drop of a track.

From press release.

This EP of club reworks contains four heavy club-banger tracks definitely marked with Sir Mendez‘ touch. Drake‘s rework – the heavy weight of this comp, my favorite because i already love the original -, has a nice lift-up with the neet, sharp and loud kicks and discreet but definitely efficient subs.

Not the first time that Mendez gets his hands on tracks with Nicki Minaj, we do remember his excellent Bees in the Trap rework, Freaks is a celebration to horns and dembow ! If you miss these elements that were parts of original Moombahton prods you’ll just love that rework.

Although I’m personally less onto the original track Love Me, the two following tracks are also lovely reworks and if you need that moombah flavour to boost up your Dj sets, Tyga&Rick RossDope will certainly do it !

Tracklist :

1. Drake – Started From The Bottom (Mendez Rework)

2. French Montana ft Nicki Minaj – Freaks (Mendez Moombahton Rework)

3. Lil Wayne ft Drake & Future – Love Me (Mendez Rework)

4. Tyga – Dope ft Rick Ross (Mendez Rework)


You can buy and download the comp on Legitimix HERE !

SaBBo : Voodoo Space Time EP Out Now (Zouk Bass)

VooDoo Space Time HI-Res

Free downloads have ended and this EP is now out as an Official!

Generation Bass presents: SaBBo – Voodoo Space Time EP.

Over the last couple of years we’ve always tried to bring you the latest sounds from all over the globe. Hot stuff, like Moombahton, Juke, Kuduro, Cumbia, Transnational Dubstep, South African House, Tuki Bass and all that good stuff. Recently, another great genre/sub-genre? (We aren’t all decided yet) popped up to be added to this list: “ZOUK BASS”!

Introduced by the might Buraka Son Sistema during their live Boiler Room Session in February 2013, Zouk Bass is like a modern souped-up Bass version of Tarraxinha but still, it is not quite Tarraxinha!

Hence why “We call it Zouk Bass…a brand new sound” as Mc Kalaf of Buraka Som Sistema infamously declared.

One of the originators is the Cape Verde born but Portuguese based producer Deejay Kuimba whose track “Tarraxo Na Parede” opened up Buraka’s Boiler Room set and now that sound is taking the net and the globe by storm.

One of the least likely places you’d expect this to pop up would of course be the Middle East, but then again, it’s the home to one of the most talented and multi-faced producers we know, SaBBo! He has been working on perfecting his Zouk Bass skills and is ready to drop this onto the world. SaBBo’s joints have the same great laidback vibe as the original “Tarraxo Na Parede” and he must be THE guy to bring this genre further.

This sound is so fresh that it doesn’t have those set perimeters yet that screw with any genre once it gets out there. SaBBo gives his all on these 4 cuts that rival the original “Tarraxo Na Parede” track for intensity and groove. Well programmed, deep deep drums and those thin crawly synths on top that sound like bugs buzzin’ round your head. That real tropical flavour in the percussion as well. The world better get ready for this, cause this is a big one. This will be taking over dance floors near you REAL soon!

And yes, we verily believe this is the First Zouk Bass EP in the world ahahaha but none of this could have happened were it not for Deejay Kuimba who made THE track and Buraka Som Sistema who played THE track to kick start a new revolution:

Artwork by Andrew Sandler

Check out the great video by Kutiman:


The video is directed by musician, producer and YouTube sensation Kutiman, a longtime musical partner of SaBBo.

The unexpected success of the groundbreaking Thru-You project in 2009 has put Kutiman on the forefront of the Internet music world. An online music video project mixed from samples of unrelated amateur YouTube music videos, Thru-You was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2009. While taking a break from finishing his next official album or working on his famous mash up creations, Kutiman enjoys creating video clips for some of his fellow musicians.

This video (shot, directed and edited by Kutiman) features the talented Zina, from the prestigious Batsheva Dance Ensemble. This dark, enchanting video captures SaBBo’s talking Doll track’s wild energy.

SaBBo on Souncloud:

Kutiman on YouTube:

Artist SaBBo
Album Title Voodoo Space time
Genre Zouk Bass
Release Date29 April 2013
Description EP
Tracklist1.Talking Doll
2.Bush Woman
4.Bread Fruit
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

DubKraft Records: 3 More Years P.2 (170 bpm range)

DubKraft Records: 3 More Years" P.2


Gorgeous piece of sound alchemy, right here:


Stream/Buy the rest of this dope release:

“Brilliant” – Gremlinz | “Huge” – DFRNT |”Big” – DJ Stunna | “Lovely sounds!” – Reza | “Simply an epic release !!!” – TKR | “Great stuff!!” – BRRRAP! FM Sweden …
Full previews + direct buy + videos:

After every three years of activity, DubKraft Records releases a sort of “state of the union” album, and the second one is a killer! A serial killer actually…
DubKraft Records: 3 More Years – Part 2“, the first of the upcoming 2 CD’s, is for the bass music lovers that prefer higher bpm’s, around 170.
We can’t even imagine putting this music in words, but we can ensure you the experience is pretty adventurous, schizoid and smooth. Ah well…
The compilation gathers well established names and daring newcomers from all over the world, in a tasteful proportion, and it’s all about “Bass, Spirit, Character”, as the label’s motto reads.

Massive thanks and appreciation to everyone that has contributed to label’s development!

“DubKraft Records: 3 More Years” Part 1 available from (digital) and (CD)
“DubKraft Records: The first 3 Years” (2010) album compilation still available in most quality digital shops out there.
Released by: DubKraft Records
Release/catalogue number: DKR046mp3

DubKraft Videos



Okulus Anomali
Bass, Jazz, Global Electronic Musician / DJ / Writer…

Loko Bonó – Dub Inna Mamayete`s [Peruvian Bass]


With smaller means of production, Terror Negro Records has proven that talent and passion surpass money and large publicity in the modern music industry. This small band of Peruvian brothers work, live and produce together to create truly astonishing nu cumbia and dub productions. I have exposed myself as a huge fan of TNR more than once, that is certain and provable, and I have no expectation to cease my support for them.

This time around we’re looking at  Loko Bonó the dubbiest perhaps of the TNR artists. His new album Dub Inna Mamayete`s was released just a short bit ago and I am proud of my fortune of being able to promote it here on Generation Bass after it’s release.

Mostly dub, Dub Inna Mamayete`s is a slightly dark sounding album. It is definitely, as is the case with all other TNR releases, a worthy album to spend some time with exploring.

Morrison – I Miss You [MoombahSoul]


We’ve been sleeping a bit on this dude Morrison, from Tilburg, The Netherlands, the place that gave birth to Generation Bass.

Another great track here from him showcasing his more Moombah/luv/soul side, really feeling this one. This takes me back to early H&M days and it’s as good as some of their early works, so don’t sleep on this, it is quality.

And don’t make the same mistake as us, don’t sleep on Morrison, he is a name to be reckoned with:

Portraits : Klipar


I recently had the chance to meet artist Klipar during the release party event organized for his SHOUT EP in Paris by The Town and Overcooked Records.  Very nicely Klipar accepted to answer a few questions for Generation Bass, and even more kindly he provided us with a mixtape of the release party ! Check the free exclusive download link at the end of the article !

Klipar – Shout (Remixes by The Town, Jack The Hustler & Shooting Horses)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]

Generation Bass : How did you get from the decks to the production ? What motivated you ?

Klipar : It came out naturally. But I remember when I first started going to parties I was paying attention to all the different sounds on each track and I thought I could do that. And also when I first bought a decent computer.

GB : Was production a necessary step to get a better image and more visibility on the musical scene ?

K : Yes, specially if you wanna export your music and your vision about music.

GB : Could you tell us how music work in Portugal ?

K : Nowadays we kinda have everything going on. We’re getting a lot more media support, which was not happening long ago. New clubs are now everywhere and I think it has grown a lot these past years.

GB : When working on a track do you always try to get it a tropical flavour or is it something secondary ?

K : It’s a secondary thing. I always start my tracks fooling around with beats. I think that “tropical flavour” comes naturally.

Klipar – Do You Know – FREE DOWNLOAD –

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”90″ iframe=”true” /]

GB : There was a very interesting release with Branko from Buraka Som Sistema. Do you intend to intensify your collab with him in the future ?

K : Don’t know, maybe. I’ve known him for a while now and we always shared some ideas and tracks. We never know the future but maybe we will collab again.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”90″ iframe=”true” /]

GB : Any other musical genres you would like to explore ? Are there actually any musical genres you try to get away because they might be too caricatural or not fitting the expectations of your audience ?

K : Not at the moment. I think I mix so many genres on my tracks that sometimes I don’t even know how to catalog them. But I dont care, I do what I’m feeling at the moment. I start something and if goes more “grimy” or if it goes “housy” I do not mind, as long as I’m happy with the result.

GB : What do think about the way your music is perceived by the musical press ?

K : I dont know. I believe I’m not exposed enough to tell you that. However, I’m happy I got support from a few local radios as well as blogs.

GB : As your music includes lots of percussions have you thought of a live band or being accompanied by musicians while you play ?

K : Yes I already thought about something like that, maybe in a near future I can start working on something.

GB : Could you tell us more about your last EP and the remixes of Jack the Hustler, Shooting Horses and The Town ?

K : What I can tell you is I couldn’t be more happy with the result. Love all the remixes! I’ve been playing them for a few months and all the remixes do great things on the dance floor. Must thank all the dj’s/producers involved on this, thank you.

Klipar is also one half of Zombies for Money with Dj Manaia

Steve Starks – Git Em (Zombies For Money Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”90″ iframe=”true” /]

And for you readers, here’s the mixtape !

Klipar – Social Club x Generation Bass Mix

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”90″ iframe=”true” /]

Here’s the link to the Download :



As you’re aware we released what could be considered as the first Official EP that relates to the new Zouk Bass phenomena a few weeks back.

We follow that up with a video to one of the tracks that features on that EP  “Talking Doll”, which was premiered on Diplo’s Mad Decent blog yesterday.

The video is directed by musician, producer and YouTube sensation Kutiman,  a longtime musical partner of SaBBo.

Voodoo Space Time is considered to be the first Zouk Bass EP, a genre introduced by Buraka Son Sistema during their live Boiler Room Session in February 2013. Regardless of this interesting piece of Trivia, “Talking Doll” is an intense track featuring deep well programmed drums with thin crawly synths on top, a true delight for music lovers, Zouk Bass fans or not.

The unexpected success of the groundbreaking Thru-You project in 2009 has put Kutiman on the forefront of the Internet music world. An online music video project mixed from samples of unrelated amateur YouTube music videos, Thru-You was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2009. While taking a break from finishing his next official album or working on his famous mash up creations, Kutiman enjoys creating video clips for some of his fellow musicians.

This video (shot, directed and edited by Kutiman) features the talented Zina, from the prestigious Batsheva Dance Ensemble. This dark, enchanting video captures SaBBo’s talking Doll track’s wild energy.

SaBBo on Souncloud:

Kutiman on YouTube:

VooDoo Space Time HI-Res

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Short But Sweet


Art by 420 Designs

With the helping hand of painkillers I am here able to write this week’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia on time. Though I’m still looking forward to the part where the pain isn’t so bad anymore and I can enjoy the effects of the Percocet. I figure one more day perhaps.

As for right now however the pain is minimal enough to allow me to focus on publishing this post on time. So without further ado let us begin.

This was a pretty dope find. It’s always nice to have some Pa Kongal tracks on here. This is his latest edit he published on Official FM. Classic dope Pa Kongal work if I say so.

Bay Area badass Turbo Sonidero Futuristico has been busy producing some exciting new tracks. On Wednesday the 7th of May Tumbias Electronicos will come out on Caballito. Here is a lovely taste of what’s to come on the album.

I just recently heard this remix by Turbo Sonidero Futuristico too. This is a really pleasant gem that shows his diversity.

Tu Guaina is a true experimenter of sounds and illustration. The Argentine maestro has been keeping me busy this past year or so keeping up with him. Here is his latest masterpiece.

One of the raunchiest, nastiest cumbias to come out surely has to be this edit of “My Neck My Back” by 42o Selektah.

Earlier last week I wrote a little piece about this band on NCE called Atlantic Soul Machine. These guys are funky as can be with their awesome fusion of Colombian tropical sounds with hip hop and other urban vibes.

The first few latin – tropical bass remixes of the new Daft Punk hit “Get Lucky” have surfaced on the web. The first and excellent cumbia one I encountered was from the always-forward thinking Yelram Selectah.

We have a new Sonidos Profundos track come to us by way of 305 Recordings. It is different than what I usually here from Sonidos Profundos, not that it’s bad, it is still quite good, just a lot different. What do you think?

Finishing this short post up, we now go to a really dope cumbia dub remix very creatively produced by El Mulato. This is lovely.

Shorter than usual perhaps this week but the selection here is really good I believe. I am just happy I can come through for all of you, my dear friends.

Here’s to no more pain!


Matthew Shell and Arun Shenoy Genesis Music Video & Full Victorious LP Preview


A few days ago we brought you the sneak peek of Matthew Shell and Arun Shenoy’s new amazing single GenesisWe, or rather, I promised to post the track in its entirety on Thursday but fell ill and was unable to do much. However now I am in a better position to be able to share it with all of you. I appreciate your patience.

I also have a special treat added to this single, an exclusive preview of the entire LP Victorious! (Victorious is coming summer 2013)

First up here is the lovely single so many have fallen madly in love with. The video first presents the brilliant Raven MTX multitouch DAW controller explained by its developer the massively successful Steven Slate and then goes into the behind the scenes footage of the recording of the single Genesis.

I must say this is a truly soulful album. Every song besides being performed extremely well by top musicians and produced with superb expertise, all flow so sweetly together. I would say Victorious is a powerful gospel album devoted to the wonderful feeling of love when you find that special someone and how through their support and connection you reach a figurative state of heavenly euphoria.

Victorious is more than just a incredibly beautiful album, it is proof of how musicians and artists from around the world can now connect to record amazing music together without the limitations of location. I love when I come across projects like these. I first started thinking about how these projects will come to be a long time ago when we all first started connecting musically to each other through MySpace. I felt positive, in both senses of the word, that the future, which is now our present, would consist of some amazing projects that were simply not possible before. This is definitely the case with Victorious, which I would go as far as to state is a perfect example.

Each track doesn’t cease to surprise. I find it difficult to identify a genre to file the album under. Inside the gates of Victorious you will find jazz, fusion, soul, gospel and RnB, all of the highest caliber quality. If you wish to let yourself go freely into a world of love, passion and brilliant musicianship and songwriting, then Victorious honestly is your one stop to fulfill this desire.

As I’ve said many a time before, getting to know Matthew Shell and his work has been a blessing I never expected. It took less than thirty seconds of listening to one of his songs for me to be drawn in and hooked forever. Matthew Shell is… Well here is his short biography from the press release, which seems to explain enough to know he is very special:

Matthew Shell (MTS) is a Washington DC based music producer & engineer, recently featured on He has produced artists such as Marcus Johnson, Kenny Wesley, D2D, Carolyn Malachi, Kolten Perine, Greg Adams, Paul Jackson Jr. & Trey Eley. MTS has engineered for O.A.R. & has engineered & mixed for DJ Flexx, Free, Jeff Lorber, Marcus Mitchell, Gerald Albright, among others.

And here is a little bit about his partner on Genesis Arun Shenoy, who is someone I was fortunate to learn about due to Matthew Shell:

Arun Shenoy is a GRAMMY® nominated songwriter and record producer. Based in Singapore, his production style weaves through the genres of rock n roll, worldbeat and new age music. His debut world fusion production titled “Rumbadoodle” released in August of 2012 has garnered critical acclaim and a GRAMMY® nomination at the 55th Annual GRAMMY® Awards.

We are talking about Grammy nominated and recognized producers and musicians here, which comes to me as no surprise simply by listening to the productions. Many vocalists, musicians, engineers and producers were involved in the Victorious LP. The list is:

Vocal artists featured:
Kenny McNeil, Taurus Soul, G.P. Jackson, Javier Starks, Bomani Armah, Rufus Fly, Danielle Withers & Ama Atobrah.

Musicians featured:
Ian Cameron (Violin), Jonathan Anand Wesley (Keys, synthesizers & strings), Sebastian Wyrobisch (Drums), Vahagn Stepanyan (Piano, rhodes & synthesizers), Markus Huber (Bass), Teo Lee (Bass), Mr. Turner (Bass), Marcus Singleton (Synthesizers), Darrick Atwater (Drums, guitars & synthesizers), JONQ (Beat Box), Marcus Johnson (Keys), Greg Adams (Trumpet), Paul Jackson Jr. (Electric Guitar), Dominic Scott (Synthesized drums), Marcus Mitchell (Sax), Thomas Morris (Drums), Devin Spear (Electric Guitar), Cristina Botnari (Violin), Anastassia Ivanova (Piano) & Matthew Shell (Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Piano, Ambient Instrumentation, Bass & Synthesizers).

Arrangers, Producers & Engineers featured:
Arun Shenoy (Co-production & additional arrangement), Jonathan Wesley (Strings arrangement), Asaf Piotrekovsky (Strings arrangement), Matt Saba (Arrangement), Thomas Morris (Co-production & arrangement), Conrad Osipowicz (Additional engineering), Alexander Brusencev (Drum engineering), Darrick Atwater aka Agent Method (Production, engineering & mixing), Dominic Scott aka DomScott (Production & engineering), Pancho French (Vocal engineering) & Matthew Shell (MTS) (Production, engineering, arrangement & mixing).

You can now purchase Genesis from these online retailers:


CD Baby