I don`t post my bootlegs over here normally, since they`re just bootlegs after all, “Made in China” stuff… But this time i think i`m gonna make a lil exception. With all that Zouk Bass hype happening lately on the waves of Internet i`ve heard a lot of opinions that Zouk Bass shall remain soft, mellow, Lusophone, etc.etc. Well i don`t see a reason why a genre, primarily based on tempo and distinctive rhythm pattern,  should be limited in any way. So i decided to push it lil fwd and make it a bit heavier, not really in a core way, but certainly harder. In other words – suitable for parties at their peak, because i kinda feel that Zouk Bass – as it is now – is more like for party intros, outros, daytime, etc, etc, but that`s only my humble opinion. Anyway, to cut the crap, here it is, my rework of Dillon Francis, Diplo & Maluca, grab it, it`s free:



706075_3428348806876_397066374_o (1)


In addition, check NEKI moombah updates as well, such as:


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