Wherever Heartbreak ends up going and he is going to end up pretty massive we thinks, we’ll always be proud to say that he started this tranche of his career (which began in 2009) into Dance Music with us here at Generation Bass.

We always believed in him and he is restoring our faith by demonstrating all the promise we knew he held from day one.

This is my favourite remix of his thus far and it is simply mind-blowing!

Here’s what he says:

For some reason, people still expect me to make certain genres.. Im not a producer Im an artist, that producers and i make my music off of the emotions that I’m feeling at the moment… this remix is a state of bliss for me.. showing that the weight has finally been lifted off of my chest, and I can finally compose whatever the hell I want…

No boxes, No Boundaries, No Genres, Just Music…
Released by: Ultra Records
Release date: Apr 1, 2013

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