[Artwork by Steve Ohh to be used on a forthcoming Generation Bass release]

About 2 months in and where do we find Zouk Bass heading?

What inspired me most about it are the elements veering more towards the African Angolan sub-genre of Kizomba, “Tarraxinha” with it’s laid back and sexy beats. As we all should know by now Kizomba is directly influenced by Zouk.  Zouk is more Carribean in it roots rather than African.

For me it was Kuimba’s track, “Tarraxo Na Parede”, which personally excited me most when I heard it played on the now infamous Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room Sessions.

We all believed or were sucked in by Buraka when they said they were introducing something brand new but is it new?

I felt that Kuimba’s track felt new with an electronic pulse at the heart of the Tarraxinha beats but then I started discovering a whole host of other stuff by the likes of DJ Paparazzi and others with the same kind of electronic vibe.

Then Buraka said that not only did they introduce it but they also invented it… lmao.

They unveiled their track Zouk Flute, which they say was Zouk updated with elements of UK Bass aimed for the club and this is what made it a new invention!!!!.

But did they invent something new? Or did they just take an existing genre and soup it up with a club beat?

I mean House and other music has been doing that for years hasn’t it. Taking African, Indian, Arabic and Latin samples and incorporating them over a House beat but they don’t claim to have invented something new.

The phrase or term is defintely a new “use” and that is fact and Buraka can be credited with “applying” (not inventing) that phrase/term to this scene.

Zouk Bass African:

Then came the host of Zouk Bass creations that try to incorporate that more African vibe at its heart but fused with an European Club sensibility:

Zouk Core

Then the ZoukCore started filtering through too, sounding more like Moombahcore maybe and obviously there’s no doubt that these would work in front of a Brocore/step audience

Zouk Something

Then we have a bunch of tracks that sound like this:

Transnational Zouk Bass

Then the fusion styles have slowly started emerging like this Zouk Brass number:

Zouk Edits

Obviously a party ain’t a party without the Edits and they haven’t escaped the attention of Zouk Bass either:


Whilst the guys born with this in their blood are continuing with Tarraxinha but are now labelling it as Zouk Bass:

From Paparrazi EP Forthcoming on Generation Bass:

Personally, I’m vibing more to the Tarraxinha and am finding some absolute gems in that sub-genre of music and I find it way more interesting than a lot of the Zouk Bass stuff coming out.

So where is it all heading?

Your guess is as good as mine. I suppose everybody will make whatever they want and take whatever they want from it.

All these different interpretations can work on different levels.

For example the Zouk Core  and other stuff will work at Festivals and Dubstep/Moombahcore/Moombahton/Trap and fist-pumping gigs.

Whilst the Tarraxinha has been tried and tested for years on real dancefloors and also is great to listen to at home or in the car.

So I guess you need different types of vibes for these different platforms and that is what will make this scene grow bigger and bigger.

One thing for sure though, be prepared for much greater diversity in this Zouk Bass scene because that is ultimately what is going to continue to happen.

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