I first found out about this ‘Electro Chaabi’ music from some postings here on Generation Bass, but the songs here really take me back to my younger years with many nights spent at Sudanese weddings and family parties around NYC.  A lot of the tunes here are modern twists on Arabic pop music which I have always enjoyed.  Especially when it involves dancing in a big circle, which if you have never tried I suggest you turn off your laptop and run to your nearest Arabic, Indian, Balkan, Persian or Jewish wedding.  I find this Electro Chaabi stuff especially interesting knowing that these are the songs which will define a new generation emerging across the Middle East.  I am interested to hear how these young producers, DJs and musicians are mixing their own sounds with elements of Hip-Hop, RnB, Dubstep and even Moombahton!  Yalla Habibti!!! 


Next up  here is one from my homie DJ Cutler aka “Mike Cutler 2” on soundcloud.  On New Years Eve a few months ago I played alongside the immensely talented Cutler, and while I was scanning thru my serrato crates this guy was digging through his actual record crates.  Cut is one of those inspiring luddites who refuses to give up his wax.  This mix is a funky, groovy soulful jaunt through all that’s new and funky and still being pressed up.   It’s a great listen and although true to his antitechnological nature he’s hard to find on a lot of the common social networks, his mixcrate sight is pretty official.  Et voila!!!



Last but certainly not least is a new mix from Mixtape Riot, I’m just shaking my head… SO ILL.  I had a few other possible mixes in line for this week’s posting but as soon as I started playing this one all bets were off.  Charlie has dug up some real gems here the beginning starts with some smooth chilled out joints and smoothly progresses into some really nice nu-disco and souful house  and finishing with some spacey atmospheric ethno-electro stuff.  Sick mix dude.  Have fun in the Philippines!

Mixtape Riot #008 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud


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