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Do you know about Open Source ?

I hope you do, as you’ve been using it everyday and certainly have listened at least to a music made through Open Source digital audio programs or stems. So even if Open Source means free of rights, reusable and modifiable, it doesn’t always come free – even though it’s mostly the case -, and one thing for sure it’s not CHEAP MATERIAL.

Consider this as a great example :

Beat Making Lab

Beat Making Lab is a new course in the Music Department at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Drawing on the traditions of hip-hop and electronic dance music, students in Beat Making Lab (MUSC 239) learn how to compose instrumental music using their laptops and the software programs Reason and Audacity. The course was founded by Professor Mark Katz and producer/DJ/drummer Stephen Levitin (aka Apple Juice Kid) in Fall of 2011. Musician/Professor Pierce Freelon joined Apple Juice Kid to teach the popular course in Spring 2012.

Beat Making Lab is one part of a larger initiative to expand the scope of the traditional university music department by reaching out to students interested in performing and composing music but who may have no formal training in music or ability to read music notation. In addition to Beat Making Lab, a course on DJing will be offered starting next year. Supplementing these courses will be workshops and performances open to all students.

Beat Making Lab is supported by a grant from the Innovation Fund at UNC’s Institute for Arts and Humanities and a generous gift from UNC alumnus John Powell.

From SC page.


An EP was released FOR FREE on Latino Resiste/Mal Dicen/ARTVSM labels last week. It’s much more than worth a listening. It deserves massive share and download !

Amani Goma – the Beat Making Lab

On the EP you’ll find the original Cho Cho Cho and 2 remixes by Khevin de Leon aka the 13th Tribe and CAЯИИIBAL, the original Zenga feat. Flamme Kapaya &it’s heavy trap remix.

Enjoy the video of Zenga freshly released on April the 3rd.


About Cho Cho Cho.

Cho Cho Cho is the first song released off “Amani Goma,” produced and written by the youth of the Congo Beat Making Lab. A hard-hitting posse cut, Cho Cho Cho was inspired by a popular Congolese call-and-response chant, and the video was filmed during Yole!Africa’s SKIFF Festival dance competition. The song features six amazing young MCs and vocalists from Goma, as well as emcee and professor Pierce Freelon of hip hop/jazz band The Beast (in order of appearance: Queen Minaj, Pierce Freelon, Fal J, Melissa, Laureat, DJ Couleur, MC Mussa). With verses in Swahili, French and English the reoccurring lyrical theme “niwakati” means “the time is now” in Swahili. A translation of verses reveal a call for peace, “this is time for building love… it’s time to say no to rape” (DJ Couler) – “the time is now for development, courage and devotion / go ahead, Congolese without anger or hatred” (Fal J).


Here’s the video of the amazing Cho Cho Cho track !


How’s the beat making lab is set.


Find here the fanpage of the Beat Making Lab. They need your support !


The Beat Making Lab has now settled in Dakar, Senegal for a 2-week master class. This session has the particularity to be focused on female beatmakers, and from the images, the least to say, is that it’s going to bounce and shake hard !

Here some more photos from the class.


beat making lab01


beat making lab02

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